Recognizing Your Higher Self Communication

What is the higher self communication? The term higher self is found in many belief systems, the basic principle describes an eternal omnipotent, conscious and intelligent being, who is one’s real self.

Your higher self is the real you, the soul consciousness, which is more than the physical form you know so well. Your higher self is the you that’s endless and eternal. It’s the part of you that teaches you through insight, guides you with intuition and excites you with inspiration.


Why is it important to have higher self communication?higher self communication

Your higher self is probably your best guide for a meaningful experience on this physical plane. Any time you get an inexplicable feeling your higher self, or premonition wants to talk to you and guide you on the best plan of action.

If you have been neglecting those hunches and your gut feelings, you probably want to ask yourself why. Info that comes from the higher self isn’t always picked up using the physical senses, but it is no less valid! In the end, you cannot physically perceive gravity, but clearly there is something keeping you from floating away. Most of us have been getting used to only believing what we perceive with our physical senses and most often we ignore this important aspect of ourselves.

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Another possible problem you might have with the messages you are receiving from your higher self is the fact that they are cryptic, frequently garbled and absolutely baffling, particularly when they come in dreams. It’s wise to journal these weird messages because most often the answers become clear when you write them down.

Sometimes it’s possible to hear voices; other times, you will receive images or powerful impulses to do or not do something. There is one ability you may become used to hearing your higher self is the ability to identify between fear based messages of ego and the infinite voice of your higher self. It’s possible for you to gain a keen awareness of your body as a great translator of your higher self’s messages.


Accepting answers openly – Higher self communicationhigher self communication 2

The messages you get may come in a range of delivery methods, feelings, words, images, those things can suddenly come into your line of light or something that suddenly comes into your awareness.

How can you tell the significant difference between fear based answers that you are given by your ego and the voice of the higher self? How do you know the messages aren’t just your imagination or something your mind just made up? Here’s how…

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If you feel anxiety, fear, tension, anger etc, then you are talking to your ego. The ego tends to create anxiety around pain. That is what it knows. The language it understands. It needs to keep identifying with that negativity.

If you are feeling sensations of love, lightness, energy and happiness, then you are talking to your higher self. It’s pure energy, with no origin and no ending. Your higher self is free, joyful and loving.

How often do you communicate with your higher self? Please leave a comment we love hearing from you.


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