Numerology is the study of number patterns that present themselves to us.

They appear in a few different ways, including in destiny numbers and birth numbers, but the most important one is through synchronicity.

Synchronicity is the universe’s way of guiding us through our lives, harnessing coincidence to deliver messages and advice.

Repeating numbers are generally of the highest importance, so if you are experiencing synchronicity with repeating 1s (like 11, 111, 1111 etc.) then this is what it means mean for you:

Number 1, The Number Of Beginnings

The number 1 is – unsurprisingly – the most important number in numerology and spirituality.


The universe began as one, with one consciousness splitting, again and again, resulting in the world of many conscious beings we have now.

The number 1 is often used to represent this universal consciousness, painting each of us as a small part of one universal process.

Every journey starts with one step, the very first one.

This step is the most significant step of any journey and the most important one to take – you can’t get anything from a journey until after you have taken the first step.

The number 1 represents the courage and independence required to start a journey, no matter how (seemingly) trivial it is.

Repeating Numbers & The Number 1

When we experience synchronicity with repeating numbers, we know that we are receiving a vital message from the universe.

Most of the time this is because we are on course to make a mistake that could hurt us, and our guides do not want us to take that path.

But, ultimately, what we choose to do and the path we decide to take is entirely up to us.

Repeating numbers serve to inform us when we are on the wrong path, but it is our responsibility (and prerogative) to change our behaviours.

When the number 1 is repeating, it is often because we are stuck at the end of a road that we have already traveled.

We are stuck in our ways and need to start something new – and soon!

It might be as small as changing diet, meeting new people, or taking up a new hobby.

It might be as life-changing as starting a relationship or starting a new career or business.

You need to know what is right for you.

Meditate on it, visualising an endless string of 1s swirling around your aura, and ask for guidance from within.

Listen to your intuition. As thoughts and ideas occur, note how it makes you feel to think about taking that action.

Does it make you anxious? Nervous? Or are you excited? Energetic?

Only by connecting with our intuition can we tap into the guidance the universe can offer.

A Journey About To Begin

There is one more reason you might be seeing the repeating numbers 1111:

You might be about to start your twin flame journey.

You can read more about the links between 1111 and twin flames on this site, as well as what to expect from the twin flame experience.