People With Rh Negative Blood Characteristics Could Be Aliens

Rh negative blood characteristics: The overwhelming majority of people have Rh-positive blood. Which means that their DNA contains a gene that we share with the Rhesus Monkey. With whom we share an ancient ancestor according to evolution.

But 10-15% of the human population of this planet do not have this gene, giving them an Rh-negative blood type.


Many people believe that these Rh-negative people are the result of either alien crossbreeding or proto-human crossbreeding.

In essence, this difference in DNA is accounted for either way. We don’t know if either is correct.

Rh Negative Blood Characteristics

What we do know, however, is that Rh-negative people share some essential characteristics that set them apart from the crowd.

High IQ: Rh-Negative Characteristic

People with Rh-negative blood are known to have a higher than average IQ.

This statement fits with the alien origin theory of Rh-negative blood, as interbreeding with an advanced extraterrestrial species would produce offspring more intelligent than the average human.


Heightened Senses: Rh-Negative Characteristic

Another point supporting the alien origin theory is the fact that Rh-negative people tend to have stronger senses, including their spiritual insights.

Human beings have great visual processing senses, but other than that other species easily outgun us.

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As an example, dogs may be vastly less intelligent than us, but their power of smell is many thousands of times better than us.

Alien species are bound to have better senses than us, none more so than spiritual senses.

From many alien theories it is known that alien beings are spiritually more advanced. So it would make sense their offspring would carry the same intelligence.

Red Hair, Piercing Blue Eyes: Rh-Negative Characteristic

There are opponents to the alien origin theory who state instead that those with Rh-negative blood are the result of proto-human interbreeding.

Primarily, there were several different races of humanity that over time disappeared. Which left only modern humans. Our ancestors.

But many scientific theories posit that interbreeding was more rampant than we previously assumed. Which means these other humans didn’t go extinct so much as they were absorbed.

Those with Rh-negative blood could be the remnants of those proto-human species.


If this is the case, it makes more sense. Many of the other human races that are supposed to have existed in the early days had quite striking features.

These features – red or reddish hair, piercing blue or green eyes – are often prevalent amongst those with Rh-negative blood.

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A Bit Different

Overall, the primary characteristic of someone with Rh-negative blood is that they are a bit unusual. Something about them is a little alien. Something primally different.

Whether they are a relic of a lost subspecies of human, or evidence of alien visitation intent on more than just friendship, this 10-15% of the population is special.

In fact, many important spiritual healers and teachers through the ages have been Rh-negative.

So if you have Rh-negative blood, it might be a sign that you are intended for extraordinary things.

Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Namaste.



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