Is ringing in ears familiar to you? From time to time, do you hear vibrations in your ears? Do buzzing sounds bother you now and then when no one else hears it?

There could be two primary reasons for ringing in your ears. Either it is a signal that your life is going to change because you are heading towards spiritual awakening or you need a medical checkup.

If an ENT specialist tells you that your ears don’t have any problems, then there’s a chance that our first prognosis is correct.

People who are already spiritually awake know that it is a spiritual signal. The ringing could be present in one or both ears depending on your status.

When your psychic abilities are getting a boast, it is the most common symptom.

Ear ringing as a sign of clairaudience

Clairaudience is the ability to hear the unheard. The person can listen to spirits and other voices from the spirit world.

When this ability is enhanced, a person can hear through the thin veil that separates our physical world from the spiritual world.

Ear ringing can be the first sign of your clairaudience powers increasing.

Because in the initial stages, the veil has been lifted, but the brain is unable to interpret the sound waves, that’s why it feels like buzzing. It is the same as hearing a bee buzz but not knowing what it is saying to you.

The first thing that is needed to change that ringing sound into audible words is in an understanding of the situation.

You should trust yourself in order to decipher that ringing. When you work on developing your clairaudience abilities, you will start to tune your hearing frequency with the buzzing sounds.

When the frequencies of both match, you will undoubtedly hear the message.

People Who Are Vulnerable:

When you start to hear, these ringing sounds will also play a crucial part in understanding what is happening.

Among the whole population, the following people might complain about ringing in the ear: a woman during childbirth, painful loss of the person you love, someone heartbroken after a break-up, a near-death experience, or any other deep spiritual experience that has shaken their soul.

What to do?

If you hear a ringing sound, then you know that it is not in your control, but the question arises, what to do in this scenario? When your ears are continuously buzzing, it is tough to focus on your daily life; your mind doesn’t allow you to work correctly and inclines towards the sound again and again.

The best thing to do here is to focus on the vibration. Try to observe what you hear at what times, it will help you to understand the patterns of the sound.

As time passes, you will be able to associate the sound with the situation, and when your powers are fully developed, you will get the complete message as a whole like you are communicating with a person standing right in front of you.

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