Are you hearing a ringing sound constantly or with pauses? But, lately, it is the only thing you remember because it is bugging you a lot. You are unable to concentrate because of ringing in the ears.

With the passing time, this ringing is becoming more and more evident, and you know it is not something in your mind. Well, this could mean something important. There could be two causes behind it: medical or spiritual.

Ringing in Ears: Medical Meaning

Tinnitus is the medical term for the ringing in the ear. The buzzing sound is itself not the illness, but the symptom of an underlying cause. Ringing in the ear could be due to: ear infection, ear wax, hearing loss, ear trauma, exposure to loud noise, Meniere’s disease, a tumour near the ear, blood flow issues, deficiency of blood or any medication’s side effects.

It is highly recommended that before you look at your ringing ears in a spiritual way, you should go to the ENT specialist to get your ears checked. If you don’t find any medical cause that means you are going through the stage of spiritual awakening.

Ringing in Ears: The Spiritual Meaning

Ringing in ears without any medical cause could mean you are going through the process of spiritual awakening. When your vibrations are going up, your ears are tuning up as well to catch the higher vibrations of the worlds and beyond.

When you are on your ascension path, your psychic senses are tuning, and you are becoming aware of all what is happening around you. Once you achieved the peak point, the ringing will go away on its own. In the current situation, your scope is limited, and that’s why ringing in the ear is bothering you.

Other than spiritual awakening, ringing in the ear could be the message from the spirit world. It could mean clairaudience awakening as well. As the spirits could not talk to us directly, they find ways to contact. Ears are sensitive and thus become the part of their communication. This signal should be taken as positive.

You should try to connect to the spirit world if the sound is not going away. Once the message is successfully received on your end, the ringing will automatically stop. You can use the special techniques to connect to the spirit world, as you are getting the signal already, it won’t be a problem for you.

The Take Home Message:

Although, ringing in the ear means something special, but this could become problematic at times. The quietness of the ears means mental comfort. If you want to achieve that relief, you should start meditating. Meditation could help you to lower the sound and aid you in knowing the real meaning behind the ringing in the ear.

Also, you need to know that you are not alone. There are so many people who are going through the same thing as well. It is nothing to freak about. Remain stress-free and patiently wait for all things that are about to come.

Susan was born with spiritual gifts and is a master of many metaphysical techniques. Her extensive list of metaphysical tools is the result of practicing reading and healing many souls for over 30 years. She loves to read people and uses energy reading, tarot, numerology, graphology, astrology, I-Ching, EFT, and natural healing. She brings all these tools together and combines them with her natural psychic medium, clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts. Her experience in all things spiritual helps to bring a full understanding of self and soul to her private clients and readers.