Soulmates, ah that word you hear it everywhere, I have just met my soulmate? You have made that soul connection, soul to soul, eye to eye and the flame ignites, isn’t it wonderful?

Yes, you to could have that dream-like romance in your life. The key is to recognise that right person, as there are many types of so-called soulmates.


Not all soulmates are romantic in nature, and some are just here to teach us lessons in life.

Yes, you had your fair share of people you can relate as soulmates, some of them teach you, some of them scare you, and there are those rare ones who show us romance in a way not possible, you could not describe that feeling.

If you had to envision a colour to that feeling it would be purple, or something more beautiful.

It’s not easy, working through a relationship, but it can become easy let me explain my situation.

My Romantic Soulmate

Meeting my romantic soulmate, my gf, yes the one. Our meeting was by pure chance, but the universe connected us. You can find these comments on every soulmate, twin flame blogs, seems everyone met the same way.


Aside from the romance, was it easy, did everything fall into place like that?

There is a lot of hard work involved, being in this relationship was about soul expansion, learning new ways to communicate. Every day was a day to become the better version of myself.

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I accepted the wrongs and improved myself, communicated all the way. The relationship with her made my life better, by removing the bad and adding the good allowed me to see life in a whole new way, abundance is flooding in.

My advice is don’t leave things to chance and think one day everything will work out or you will meet someone who will accept you.

If you are not good enough and not ready then its time to accept, acceptance is the key part of being human.

But what if you don’t want to become a better version of yourself?

“If you carry the bricks from your past relationships to the new one, you will only build the same house” -Unknown

I did the same thing with my past relationships, I remained the same thinking I would meet someone, and things would work out.

I could have done the same with my current relationship, but I decided to change (awakening).

Here are things you can do so you can meet your romantic soulmate. These steps are necessary as they make you more attractive:

Remove Negativity

– Always try to have a positive train of thought about every situation.

– Remember negative thoughts will develop into negative actions.

– Always try to build your self-esteem to believe in yourself.

– Believe you can accomplish anything in your life, above all go after it.

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– Remove yourself from negative people.

Become Mentally Strong

– Don’t fear spending time alone.

– Don’t dwell on your past.

– The world doesn’t owe you anything.


– Don’t worry about pleasing everyone.

– Don’t resent other peoples success.

– Don’t waste energy on things you can never control.

When you do things on the list above allows you to become a better and more attractive person, which is essential in meeting that soulmate you want and hopefully they will have the same.

Another positive thing to have in your life is to build a strong sense of humour, applying humour is excellent especially in stressful situations, when you have the skill to lighten the situation, you win.

Flirtation is another skill that goes along with humour, combine the two, and lighten the situation.

Having a healthy mental state and having the ability to brighten peoples day, brings more attractive people into your life, hopefully in due time that emotionally and mentally stable romantic soulmate will enter your life.

Remember we can’t solve things by thinking the old way all the time if it didn’t work then change it, you can apply the same rule to relationships or dating.

Leave a comment if you are not meeting the person you desire and what you are changing to make it happen.

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