In the event of a root chakra blockage, it becomes an uphill task to restore its normal functioning. Meditation helps sometimes.

If you focus on happy things and happy moments, you can kick-start your root chakra, but it’s by no means a permanent solution.

Your root chakra deals with oneness, love and harmony. If you lose these things, it leaves distressing effects on your mind and soul.

And if not dealt with, these effects can turn chronic. If you’re thinking you’re going to open the pathways that have impeded your root chakra overnight, then you’re grossly misinterpreting the severity of the situation.

Open your eyes before it’s too late. Call yourself to action, and rehabilitate your spirit and mind to lead a happy and long life.

If your root chakra is under the attack of evil forces, you must come to its aid. If you’re not sure if you’re making progress, then these root chakra opening symptoms will let you see the bigger picture.

Your anxiety goes away

You always felt anxious before, but when you took steps to reopen your root chakra, you noticed that you had a deepening sense of calmness.

You were no longer worried about what the future has in store for you.

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You became ready to anticipate every difficulty. When your root chakra is flowing, you are able to strike a mental balance that serves to bring you peace and prosperity.

Diminishing fears

The fears that were holding you back from doing the things that you always desired start to recede. You no longer feel asphyxiated and lost.

You know that whatever happens, you have to start trying out new things and keep on spiritually evolving.

The only way is forward and the rest is just the rigid rope of fear trying to strangle your neck.

Along with beginning to feel a sense of ease, the worries and fears which once kept you up at night begin to dissipate.

You can breathe easily about the past, relax into the present and actually feel excited about the future.

You might find that things that once sent you running for the hills, like snakes or spiders, will now have you leaning in and filled with curiosity or wonder.


Adrenal glands are greatly affected by an imbalanced heart chakra. Adrenal glands supply cortisol hormone to your body.

If your root chakra starts to reopen, your body will effectively regulate cortisol levels and alleviate stress and depression.

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You will revert back to a healthy routine, and you’ll sense a noticeable positive effect on your body weight.

You’ll become more confident and start socializing more. You will no longer feel as if you don’t deserve love. Your self-esteem will start to regain its former glory.

Mustering the courage to escape abusive relationships

When our root chakra is imbalanced, our self-ego holds dominion over us. We are its puppets and it employs its Machiavellian schemes to trap us in abusive relationships.

As soon as your root chakra starts to reopen, it inflicts a fatal blow to your self-ego. You start to detach yourself from dysfunctional relationships and move towards new beginnings.

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