Sacred geometry symbols and meanings have an essential place in human history. Sacred geometry has been defined as the primary building block of our universe. The underlying principle is mathematics and form. They are found in all nature.

This means that from the smallest atomic structure in the body to the most distant part of the Galaxy, the same laws of the universe come to play. What this means is by simply studying a flower, we can learn the basis of life everywhere.

History of Sacred Geometry Symbols

The word Geometry comes from the word Geos which means the earth and metron which means to measure. Together, they both translate as Earthly Measurements. It’s often assumed, that geometry began with the Greeks.

However, before them, there were the Minoans, the Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese and the builders of the western European megaliths.

In his book, A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe Michael S Schneider states categorically that historically, it has been seen over the centuries that consistent language of geometric design underpins every level of the universe.

This holds true from atoms all the way to galaxies. There are several significant symbols in sacred geometry. I will go on to describe a few and explain their significance.

Standard Sacred Geometry Symbols and Meaning

The first symbol we will discuss is the Flower of life. It is a universal symbol found in architecture and Literature all around the world. It is believed that it contains all the powers of creation. Many ancient cultures contain this ancient design. It has been found in several countries.

The oldest known was found in Early Egypt. Other countries include Turkey, Italy, Masada, Israel, Mount Sinai, Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria, India, Japan and China. At the centre of the flower, there is a dot which is also called the Genesis.

The dot enlarges outward to form many complex three-dimensional structures including Seed of Life, Egg of life, Fruit of life, to mention a few.

Another important geometric symbol is the Vesica Pisces. This symbol is found in Pagan and Christian Literature and art. It symbolises two coming together to create a third. It signifies the entrance to the womb of the woman. In a sense, this symbol can be described as universal womb which births all creation.

Now I will describe to you what is known as the platonic solids. There are five Platonic solids: cube, icosahedron, tetrahedron, octahedron, and dodecahedron. Each of these solids is a polyhedron. This is a three-dimensional shape that has flat faces. The faces are congruent.

The faces all meet at each vertex. Plato equated the five solids with the five elements. He equated the cube with the earth, the icosahedron with the water, the tetrahedron with the fire, the octahedron with air and the dodecahedron with the materials used to create the constellation and the heavens.

Apart from the platonic solids, there is another type of solid known as Crystal structures. There are seven types of structures. This classification is based on the organisation of the atoms of the crystal.

The shape of the lattice is what determines the class of crystal, as well as the physical properties and appearance. The different classes are as follows: isometric, tetragonal, hexagonal, trigonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, triclinic and amorphous.

Other Less Common Symbols

Apart from the above, there are several other symbols, each with their own significance. One of which is The Harmony of the Spheres whose first confirmed record came from the Greeks. They postulated that there was a relationship between astronomy, music and geometry.

Pythagoras, the famous scientist said, Of all men, “I alone can hear the music of the Spheres”. Other symbols are Labyrinths, Petrospheres and Platonic solids.


With each passing day as knowledge about sacred geometry symbols and meaning come to light, it is expected that a lot more information will be made available in the coming years.

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