Your seal spirit animal is a messenger, asking you to look within yourself and find the natural flows that govern your body.

It is also a reminder to pay attention to your imagination – and your dreams.

If you have a seal spirit animal, then you will want to keep reading and discover the more profound meaning and symbolism of the seal.

Feeling Your Flows

Your relationship with your body is the most essential physical relationship you have.

Learning its rhythms, paying attention to its warning signs and discovering its little quirks is essential to keeping yourself healthy, happy and thriving.

There is a natural flow to your body. In the same way that seals swim with the current of the ocean to find land to give birth on.

It helps you thrive if you follow the natural flow of your body and tap into your inner instincts to find your true path.

Listen to your senses. If you feel hungry, thirsty or tired, then eat, drink or sleep.

Not allowing yourself the things that the body needs leads to poor health and negative energy.

Use Your Imagination

A lot of people think that letting your imagination run wild is universally bad.

It isn’t. Your imagination has a lot more to do with reality than you might think and is the key to unlocking your creativity and powers of manifestation.

Creative Powers extend to dreams and a much larger extent.

Your dreams hold many secrets within them, and through dream analysis and journaling, you can discover a lot about yourself and where you are going.

Engaging your imagination during the day will help you to understand better your dreams come morning.

And you should listen to the things your dreams are telling you. Seal symbolism is all about inner rhythm, so your seal spirit animal urges you to search within your consciousness to discover more about your inner self.

Playfulness Is Bliss

Seals are notoriously playful, social animals that enjoy their recreational time.

Your seal spirit animal reminds you to embrace playfulness and the less serious side of life.

The stresses, problems and consequences you have to deal with all day can get on top of you, so ensuring you have time set aside to do nothing of any importance is, ironically, very important.

Joy is one of the higher emotions, and by being playful, you not only experience joy yourself but also spread it to others.

Find Yourself

Seal symbolism reminds you to keep looking for your true self.

Trying to be something you are not is never the path to happiness and fulfilment. Instead, your seal spirit animal urges you to look within for what really drives you and what you truly value.

Only when you have found your true self can you find your true path.

It is all about trusting your inner self, but it also means reaching out to others for advice.

Just because you hear that advice doesn’t mean you should take it – but it costs nothing to know what other people think, and it might just be the piece of advice you needed most.