Number 22 heralds the imminence of great things for its observer.

People who regularly stumble across this number are getting signs from the universe that they can master any skill, and overcome any insurmountable problem ― given they put their heart and mind into it.

Number 22, one of the most influential numbers, symbolises prodigious wisdom, spiritual illumination, twin flame union, a manifestation of dreams, intuition, light, perpetual love, and the materialisation of our dreams into reality.

A number who endows an individual with such great gifts should not be shunned. Seeing 22 everywhere is a miraculous iteration.

This number manifests itself to lead us towards the path of love and light.

It encourages us to follow our intuitions, to triumph spiritually.

It tells us that we are winning the war against our self-ego, and alleviating its ill-effects on our minds and souls.

It’s a sign of optimism and hope, and it guarantees us that luck is on our side. We can achieve all our dreams, provided our intentions remain pure.

It is also symptomatic of negative energy, like every other sign.

It lets us know that we are breeding stubbornness an anxiety inside of us and that we should take immediate steps to remedy ourselves, whether it is through meditation or any other healing technique.

Letting the effects of depression and tensions can lead to massive problems.

The powers of our intuition also grow exponentially under the benevolent presence of the number 22. Under its influence, we should place utmost trust in our sixth sense.

If we’re stuck in a predicament, and the voices inside of us are pointing towards a path, we should follow it. We shouldn’t let our indecisiveness get the better of us.

This number empowers our wild hunches and gut instincts― pointing towards the direction of light and love.

We all have ambitions and dreams, but we rarely get the opportunity to fulfil them. Most of us fall short of our objectives because we ignore the subtle signs of the universe.

Neglecting something that is right in front of us is a foolish mistake. Whenever you visualise this number, ensure that you follow your dreams without hesitation.

It’s telling you that you have an obligation to make those dreams a reality and that the universe will conspire to help you achieve them, only if you exert yourself in their pursuit.

You might also start having vivid dreams, containing hidden clues and messages. Ensure that you interpret them.

Skepticism is an antithesis to achievement. It hinders our progression towards spiritual evolution and enlightenment.

To find our purpose in life, we must evolve, and expand our spiritual horizons. The number 22 catalyses our spiritual illumination so that we can see clarity and inner peace.

Seeing 22 everywhere is a golden opportunity to convert your dreams into reality, and to grasp perpetual light and eternal love.

Make sure that you don’t just let this opportunity slide by.  You don’t want to have regrets in the future.

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