Most of us have only seen orbs or orb spirits in photographs. Whether these are more often genuine orbs or only camera light flares is the subject of much debate.

But when we see orbs in person, there is no denying our own eyes.

However, not everybody can see these orbs.

Seeing orbs in person can tell you as much about yourself as it can about the spirit you are in the presence. To find out why continue reading below.

Seeing Orbs & Innate Clairvoyance

In particularly high energy places where a lot of spirits reside, anybody might see an orb. When the air is fizzling with that much cosmic energy, it is hard for them to hide.

But in quieter places, orbs can only be seen by those with clairvoyant abilities.

Clairvoyance, meaning “clear vision”, is the ability to see spirits and energy using extra-sensory perception – or ESP.

Many people who see orbs in person are surprised to hear that they likely have innate clairvoyant abilities.

It turns out that, even without training, some people can see orbs with only the clairvoyance that comes naturally to them.

The Privilege Of An Orb Meeting

Even then, an orb on its home turf will only be visible to whomever it wishes to be.

It is different from photographs, as a camera can capture blurred refraction of even the shyest orb if the lighting is just right.

So if you see an orb in person, it has chosen to appear to you.

It is a rare gift that some people spend their lives trying to attain. Of course, those people might fall victim to chasing orbs and spirits in their enthusiasm – a tactic that will only scare those spirits away.

It will not have appeared to you for no reason, however. It has appeared to you for two reasons.

1. It requires your assistance; and,

2. It knows you are able and willing to help.

Why Do Orbs Appear To Me?

The only way to find out what an orb wants from you is to convene with it.

Go to the place where the orb presented itself. Find a nice spot that seems comfortable, and begin to meditate.

Call upon the orb to deliver its message to you. Allow the energy of your surroundings to form thoughts in your mind and emotions in your heart.

Try to feel what the orb is feeling.

Your mood may shift dramatically, and you should go with it. If you are filled with joy, be joyous.

If you are filled with rage, be angry. Embody it for a moment, and try to find the motivation thread.

Do this until clarity grips you, and only one notion has stuck. It may be that the orb is lost, or is failing in its guardianship of the area.

How you move forward depends on the outcome, but your best bet is to contact someone with experience to help guide you through the process.

If you have a guru or mentor, they will surely be able to help.

Just do what you can. We all have a responsibility to care for the spirits of this world. And when an orb presents itself to you, that responsibility falls onto your shoulders.