Life is full of coincidences. So many things happen each day that it is impossible to know what causes what and where incidents are unrelated.

It is within this chaos that the universe can send us messages of wisdom and guidance, hidden among the everyday.

Seeing the same time on the clock every day is a specific form of a coincidence that falls within the bounds of synchronicity.

What Is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a universe-engineered coincidence.

Through the subtle pulling of strings behind the cosmic curtain, events can be made synchronous to push us in the right direction.

There are many ways we might experience synchronicity, of which if you see the same time on the clock every day is just one.

They include:

Bus/train timetables.  Ticket/receipt numbers.  License plates.  Phone numbers.  Prices.  Coins and money.

Pretty much any instance where numbers are involved will have some form of synchronicity attached to it.

Being Presented With Synchronicity

The thing is, most of the time when you look at things that might hold synchronous messages you will not see anything.

It is because synchronicity is not a coincidence. It doesn’t just randomly happen.

When you do experience synchronicity, it is because you are being presented with it. It is intentional, aimed directly at you and prays for your attention.

For whatever reason, you require guidance and the universe cannot help but guide you.

Most people miss that guidance. As the process of awakening on this planet progresses, more and more people will begin to be guided by synchronicity.

The most powerful thing you can do is to be aware.

Keeping your eyes and mind open for synchronous activity can keep you one step ahead of any trouble headed your way, and provide a better standing from which to grasp the opportunities you are presented with.

So Why Do I Keep Seeing The Same Time On The Clock?

You are experiencing synchronicity.

Someone, somewhere out there is guiding you. It could be a lost loved one, it could be a spirit guide, or it could just be the universe pointing you in the right direction.

With meditation, you might be able to find out.

For now, you should pay attention to the message that has been delivered to you. Take a note of the time that you keep seeing, and take a look at the numerology of the number you see.

For instance, say that you keep looking at the clock at 11:11 every day. That is an extraordinary number, relating to the beginning of the twin flame journey.

If you see 11:11 on the clock every day then you are due to meet your twin flame very soon and should begin preparing.

And that’s really what synchronicity gives you – time to prepare.

Something is coming your way, and if you’re paying attention to the synchronicity in the design of the world around you, you can see it coming.

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