Whatever the masses do, in this age, is usually not the path of intelligence. Expecting that the true intentions behind major changes and trends are something other than is presented is more intelligent than assuming there is only one layer of events and changes.

Nothing is as it ‘seams’ on the surface. There are always various plans at play. Time and consciousness are linked through perception and so if you alter one then the others are changed. This can happen internally through self-control and this can happen externally through scalar or radiant energy systems that produce an electrogravitic distortion field which affects living beings.


Most would like to see this civilization become self-sufficient and independent from mind control to benefit the universe. It’s not that easy however. It’s an awakening, just like for one person, but for everyone that has to happen and will happen. The issue is whether the amount of power, knowledge and memory released through this will be sufficiently transferred into something beneficial and harmonious for this civilization.

Change is inevitable but if the momentum is not handled in a balanced manner then the result is not a fulfilment of self-knowledge but a catalyzation of one’s own destruction. This is how each civilization has risen and fallen previously however many have succeeded in becoming a self-sufficient society. This indicates not that they make their own food, but that they tap into the universal energy fields and can sustain themselves without having to disrupt the material universe. They are harmonized, in effect, with ‘larger’ or more powerful energies that are present across the entire universe instead of just one location or food source.

That kind of event is an event that links the mind of the individual with their higher mind. Many people have awareness of this and yes as some people deduce on the internet, what were previously hidden truths about this reality are unveiled to the general population. Still, all knowledge is coded to some degree that it is being transferred in a secondary term and so the knowledge requires one’s own mind to work like a lock and the piecing together of various interconnected pieces of information as the key.

The idea here is that the information will be plain to see for some yet obscured and confusing for others. Some will be empowered by it and others will be depressed. This is the nature of the human mind and the difference in all the preparations for this time is that the majority will know the truth and live in harmony while only a small percentage simply doesn’t get it.

This is the spooky outcome that people are observing, and the more they focus on reducing that, the more power that illusory future has. Living in a world where the majority is collectively highly intelligent, spiritually aware, self-aware and in respect of one another’s path in a harmonious and compassionate way, sounds like science fiction. Another time or place. This is not an absurdity, and in a way, neither is the way people are so distraught today.


There are multiple hidden truths that have been suppressed over many generations and as well many that have been released or possibly leaked. These all center around the great conspiracy. Each supposed conspiracy is just a cover for what is happening and each variation of the covers take one’s attention away from the center in alternate directions. When one knows only that surface level of explanation, the mind is pulled apart into many contradictory assumptions or conclusions about reality.

This is the nature of the protection of knowledge and the use of deceptive tactics which has always happened and even reflects the way your conscious mind is limited to a very small spectrum of sensory input, memories, temporal scope and self-awareness. The very system we use to experience this reality is a kind of deceptive unit that develops organic smoke and mirrors to keep the individual ‘moving forward’ even if they do not know why they must continue.

That is the drive of life which is mirrored by the death urge. When one can control both the urge to live that pushes them forward and the urge to die which results in lack of progress then they can be present in a balanced perspective instead of focusing on the future, memories, traumas, addictions, distractions, fears, and so on.

Focusing on the information that we are fed by the belief-system that is generated within us before we have the self-awareness to defend against such influences always leads one to reshaping the mind and the abilities to further depend on a constricting system that is designed under the guise of happenstance but is actually a carefully thought out and orchestrated system of mind control.

Beliefs, whatever they are, are the input for the operating system to change administrative controls of your mind. If you are not developing your own beliefs and questioning them, then whoever is, has creative access to your mind and thus your development and self-awareness.

This is part of how not only the material world has been manipulated but that this equally influences the “afterlife” which is actually the simultaneously occurring higher-dimensional interactions between one’s scalar energy of the mind and heart and the fields of information in society as a whole through DNA and energy coherence which either produces a repulsion or an attraction depending on what one is focusing on.

One thing to say here is that there is no one side of reality. Where there is one side of duality, that is perspectively, from another angle, what the other side of the duality is to you. How people want to align their perspective us up to them. One would conclude that there are ultimately two ‘sides’ to everything and that one can choose to perceive in accordance with one side, the other, or even a combination of both.

Possibly, the middle path of associating equally with both and therefore with the idealization of both paths is a way to move into self-awareness and a heightened sense of presence. Possibly, that is a path leading astray and the only way to truly pass through this place is to acknowledge but involve one’s self in neither and through that a third which is all encompassing.

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These are possibly pathways found through the projection of the mind and one’s belief system as a kind of developmental system that one uses to alter their perspective of reality until they find the most beneficial, effective, and accurate model. The conclusion here, is that “no model” may be the most accurate, or that when you finally see the ‘true model’, you may say it was simply what you always knew but could never put into words and therefore can never actually learn it.

This does not mean there is not an organized model of the consciousness experience here, but that the beliefs we are taught actually influences anything in relation to that are actually distractions and in that sense, no belief is closer to the truth because in that perspective there is only a direct link to experience between the self and the body here and that is without alteration.

Another way to put this, is that people are unaware of the larger nature of the universe and through this they are effectively ‘sleeping’ both in the material universe of higher intellect and creativity as well as in the non-physical realms where the mind is distracted or unable to create beyond certain limitations developed through reconfiguration of the brain.

There is always another layer, for instance, one may eventually conclude that the very configuration of the brain, whether through manipulation or something else, is what leads to a complete amnesia of one’s higher self-awareness and leads to limitations in a higher mental plane. One could go from there and question whether this is a natural occurrence, maybe like one could compare to animals, or whether this was some kind of intelligent manipulation as part of some attack or maybe even a degeneration of the gene pool.

For every answer there is another question, however, again, there are answers to your questions that are not metaphoric however the nature of consciousness and the material universe requires much discipline to understand.

One thing we’ve learned is that the farther back you go outside of your current spatiotemporal reference, the more information will appear that is current outside the sphere of reference. Meaning, if you go far enough back, you get a system that reflects this one in a kind of outline, however all the key players and all the surface level models are entirely foreign.

I can take this one step further and tell you something that has been concluded before but is still just another system, possibly one that we are looking for the release from. What you would get if you could view the universe beyond this spatiotemporal reference is relativity or probability would extend in a kind of inverse square law of proportions that would retain all the same information as long as you stayed within the relatively local closed timeline curve of the information of your reality.

When one moves outside of this by viewing, calculating, projecting, travelling and essentially the use of advanced and organic technology (the mind) to perform these observations, there is no true definitive outline of the reality they have left and the reality they are observing.

So it’s as if the system glitches and allows extra information through to make up for an altering of perspective and thus proportion almost as if this reveals or exposes some kind of ‘inner workings’ as if one is looking between the stitches of a shirt, the legs of a table, or more visually metaphoric, looking inside a projector system and actually finding something related the information being projected.

Sure, we expect to find negatives of images that are being shown on the screen, but what if one finds the information and experience of the sensory input of the experience of that information? So it’s as if knowledge is information in the universe and information is energy. When looking between the gears, when looking passed the faceplate of the watch, we don’t find metal and springs, we do, but we also find the mind of the watchmaker and the intentions, experiences, influence and feeling of all the people who wore the watch as well as the people who influenced it’s construction.

When one looks into what is, they find a collection of variations that are configured around the current one as in a gradient of probability that extends immediately around and doesn’t reduce to ‘nothing’ existing and simply no beings around, but becomes other kinds of existences that are akin to mental projections we would dream about. We seem to be the mental projection of one of those other civilizations or we are all projections of one another and equally of a higher system.

So the idea here is not that this is possible, but that if you put that all into one model we get the concept that we are on some kind of spatiotemporal ‘wheel’ where we are just one slot of a multitude of possible realities and the universe keeps cycling through these various realities as ‘ages’ or cycles of history.

The question then, is the goal to get ‘off’ the wheel and therefore be able to maintain awareness and presence without the universe cycling different realities like an eternal timeshare with highly diverse and often incompatible (both genetically and mentally) species, neither of who actually eventually get enough time to do what they want.

So we’re separated by this dimensional void that exists as millennia in between the rising of each species and thus their collective and individual reality. One goal was to bridge the gap and this is something that has been focused on and written about since the beginning. As long as people could observe reality and begin to initiate self-awareness, these kinds of concepts were present and influencing civilization. The gap was bridged but then there is a cost for this because this is like taking two video game character and swapping their games for the character.

There are two questions one could ask here. Is the information found through the reality that is generated by the sentient experience of beings or realities outside of this one compatible with information and experiences of this reality? Essentially, is it dangerous to play with dimensional boundaries and pull information from other realities that are literally in between the ‘dimensional’ electromagnetic gear configuration of the universe?

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And, does self-awareness auto-initiate to bring about heightened awareness? Again, the answers and possible answers bring about more questions. If it is required that one with knowledge initiates those without, then how does this begin? And if it’s possible to self-initiate one’s higher awareness, then what are the signs of this and how is this possible?

An extra question, depending on how far into possibility you’re looking, could be, “Who initiated the self-awareness of humanity?” And possibly, “Has there been a delay or is there a usual process and is this what is happening?”

Peeling back another layer of possibility could reveal the question, “Could it be that each time ‘this’, whatever ‘this’ is, happens, it happens that way for the first time, ever, in the history of that species or any other?”


Ultimately, the questions tend to revolve around the notion that humanity is not a part of that wheel of cycling as this is like a cosmic brain scrambler that stops people from remembering and is fairly often considered a kind of trap or at least the result of a degenerated spiritual presence and thus a resultingly deficient access to possibilities of mind and resources that equate to an impoverished reality of suffering and scarcity.

Why has this become the path for humanity, why has this influenced all places and times? What is the true problem, an enemy, or a force of entropy that drives decay?

You feel power if you choose to. It’s not necessarily an automatic, we have to choose how we will perceive the world because that is the difference of having self-control and will-power necessary to develop one’s self. It’s simple that way, is it not? Self-development is when you literally create your self in harmony, knowledge, self-awareness, and compassion. Why? Because these require input of a conscious observer to generate the experience and the opposites are simply the default operation that any autonomously configured biologically conscious organism can generate.

When we give what is scarce in terms of the energy of kindness and the will-power to discipline the mind and choose self-awareness rather than reaction and autonomy, then that is creating abundance in the scarcity of experience that is here. It’s a scarcity of possibilities, the information that leads to shared resources, information, and ultimately self-awareness.

Simply replacing resources doesn’t lead to self-awareness, as we know. Often more materials equal more distractions from that true inner resource of mental focus, compassion, harmony, knowledge and self-awareness. This has to do with free-will. Free-will cannot be ‘given’ to one, they can’t just be told to go on through this experience and be really present for it and only listen to your higher mind, don’t react to the lower mind.

One must choose to go through those experiences and they must actively choose to experience the results of either decoherence or coherence as the energy multiplies with harmonious action and mental emissions and nullifies and stagnates with disoriented and distorted energy of the mind and feeling.

So it’s about choosing, regardless of what happens. If one chooses, that cannot be removed and one has the capacity then to connect with happens to their self-initiated will-power and connect and develop control through that. If one does not choose then no matter what happens, the results will belong to someone else’s proprietary reality system and any benefits will be short lived or superficial as the true progress is through the nullification of the automated feature of this consciousness projection universe and the development of control over what one feels, thinks and does. So it is as if the odds are against the individual, because the systems we use here are seemingly outdated or simply distorting or deceptive.

One must become a decoder, a kind of personal detective to move their awareness into actions, behavior patterns, beliefs, suffering, superficial emotions or out of control emotions, and so on to find the true cause behind the configuration of the mind. This is where things get interesting because if you are not choosing to be self-aware and in control, then who is?

Could this be an actual being causing this kind of degradation or could this simply be a shadow reflection of one’s own mind when awareness is shined down and away from one’s inner reality for long enough that some of that information from between the gears, the grease and the dust begins to foment and seemingly attempts to form integrative, ‘permanent’ additions to this reality that then go and attempt to influence the whole of reality?

So the universe is all here in front of you now. Everything that you are told could occur in the future, or has occurred in the path, or through myth, is occurring right now. That is the true nature of the boundaries that hold our perception in place. They are flexible and reversible in some situations (although not always recommended) and all times are happening together.

The idea here which will conclude this writing is that this is not just a willy nilly happening of great proportions. Every change that is made here, influences all the other times. The key here is learning to develop “simultaneous awareness” that one is both here operating through on one level while also present in other levels.

If you observe the current reality with clear vision, you can see, trace, and map the trajectory of changes made here influencing other levels. This is where the models for that universal perspective begins to form to organize each level and how the whole system works together to create the experience of consciousness in this plane.

Each layer is actually the previous layer with various modulations to compensate for an increased or decreased power level and thus information density. All the power and information of this level has been reduced to the bare minimum to assist in the harmonic adjustment of the universe.

by augtellez.com