Self Love: Conversation With Your Higher Self

Little one, I walk beside you in spherical time and you may know me as your higher self.

You have been born into the heart of a Lotus flower lightly sprinkled with the sparkling Morning Dew. One drop of this compassionate water has the power to heal your Soul, purify your heart and bring light to your darkness.


As you lie as a pure soul, know this, you agreed to walk this path and to do this work and your Mum and Dad agreed to deliver you “The Light Worker” into this physical expression of the divine.

Old Soul, understand the people who come into your life are handpicked masters so you can complete your journey with infinite wisdom.

In doing your work you will learn true Will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is in every way perfect. You will know your purpose when your life flows like a pure mountain stream, albeit taking twist and turns you note the flow and coherence building into the strength and power of a major river.

Dear one, find balance in your Heart and Mind, Body and Soul, Desire and Will, Perception and Reality, Right and Wrong, Power and Peace, Shame and Self-esteem, Future time and Now, Thought and Silence for in balance you will find peace and purpose. Understand in your powerlessness you will find your needs, which in turn is fuel for your will.

Beautiful Child in your reflection you will see the essence of your origin, the wisdom you have earnt over many lifetimes, the connectedness to everything that is and everything that will be, divinity personified, the meaning in your work, the belief to be a co-creator of the universe.


Gentle Soul, be kind to yourself, know that wisdom is gained through failure and the true beauty is in the imperfection. Find your life will flow from happiness, joy and love. Make your body a temple and be a disciple, pray to your inner soul and ask for the humble guidance to authenticity.

Great one may your Peace, Love and Light, vibrate to the darkest edges of the cosmos so the people gripped by old energy, controlled by fear and anger may find your light, transmuting their pain into peace and love.

As the sun rises the light will come, and as twilight falls darkness will come so shall you follow this ebb and flow such is the rhythm of life. In your darkness shine your light so that you will see the way, know that your light will guide other souls so they may make the crossing.


Beautiful soul plant the thought seeds in the garden of your heart wisely, nurture them, grow them, give life to them and know this is the art and soul expression of who you truly are.

Little one know that you are loved, you are enough, you are everything you need to be and more, believe in your path, your purpose and that the universe will always have something better in store for you. Hindsight will teach you this.

All this I know to be true, I will walk beside you, I have your back, you have got this, to find me follow your breath inward to mindfulness and there I will wait, for I AM your Higher Self….

Guest post by Andy Fox


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