Spiritual awakening is always an extraordinary time for the person experiencing it.

It is a time of significant change, renewed enthusiasm for life and provides us with a new set of goals along with the drive to move towards them.

And one of the most exciting goals that now seems within our grasp is to meet our soulmate.

Or soulmates, plural. Most of us have more than one that we will meet in our lifetime.

Soulmates are unique, of course, but we have always needed – and will always need – several soulmates to provide us with the karmic lessons required to complete our spiritual journey towards ascension.

Many people, when they learn of the telepathic nature of the spiritual connection we share with our soulmates, ask how they can use this telepathy to bring a soulmate into their life.

Is this even possible?

Yes, it is not only possible but thoroughly recommended. And there are a number of methods we can use to send a telepathic message to our soulmate.


In fact, it is entirely possible that before we even know it, we have communicated telepathically with our soulmate – through the medium of dreams.

More accurately, there is an existing telepathic connection with all of our soulmates that predates even our own birth.

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This connection exists on the spiritual plane, which is most commonly and most easily accessed through dreaming.

So if we want to communicate with a soulmate, we should start in dreams. First, keeping a dream journal and engaging in dream analysis will help us to situate ourselves.

Then, if we are feeling spiritually ready, we might participate in training and meditation designed to allow us to lucid dream.


Dreams are not the ideal medium for telepathic communication, however. Once we are capable of it, deep meditation becomes the most effective means of harnessing our telepathic connection with our soulmates.

Meditation is a whole subject of its own and requires some study, though the benefits it brings us on our spiritual journey are endless.

But in the case of sending telepathic messages to a soulmate, the general way of doing that is to enter a deep meditative state while visualising the connection as a stream of energy reaching into the spiritual plane.

Once visualised, we must attempt to follow it, letting its energy pull our consciousness towards our soulmate.


Finally, we might turn to our spirit guides for help sending a telepathic message to our soulmate.

To do this, we must again engage in meditation – but this time with a different goal.

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Instead of attempting to leverage the connection ourselves, we reach out to the far more accessible spirits that guide us along our spiritual journey. Our spirit guides.

This is perhaps the most advisable method because after spiritual awakening we are too often too eager to progress as quickly as possible. Our spirit guides will protect us from our enthusiasm.

So we reach out during meditation, ask the spirit guides to deliver a message to our soulmate, and trust that when the time is right, they will.