Telepathy is the communication between two minds in which no help of any physical element is needed. It is the direct exchange of the message through sending thoughts. For sending telepathic messages, there are some tools required.

With little practice and the right direction, anyone can master this amazing form of communication. Sending telepathic messages require:

A Sender and a Receiver:

When you want to send a message, you’ll become the sender. You will try to transmit your message to the receiver, and it is the best practice to initiate telepathic communication with the receiver sitting in front of you when you are learning this art.

As you progress, you both can sit in opposite directions or in another room to see how you are developing your skills.

Be Confident

Before you even try to send the message, it is highly essential to understand that your belief in the process will be the pillar of your communication. The stronger it is, the more vivid your message would be for the receiver.

Relax your Muscles

Your mind works best when your body is relaxed. Initiate your telepathic session by relaxing your body. You can breathe deeply to do that so more oxygen will reach your cells to make them feel fresh. Deep breathing also improves concentration.

Clear your Mind

After your body is relaxed, now it’s time to give peace to your mind. Clear your mind of all the unnecessary thoughts. Focus on the thought you want to send only. Ask the receiver to prepare his mind as well to be receptive.

Start Visualizing

Close your mind and visualise the receiver in your mind. Imagine they are with you, or you are talking to them on the phone. You can also connect both of yourself with the channel in your mind. No matter which way you select, but there should be something connecting you with the receiver.

Transmitting the Message

Consider a tube that can transfer your message to the receiver. Visualize again the message you want to send. Start with the single picture of an object like an apple, a heart, or a pencil etc. Try to make the image as vivid as possible in your mind.

Now wish that this message will travel to the receiver. Believe that you will succeed. Stay relaxed during the whole time, being stressed could ruin the job.

Stop Sending the Message

During the whole exercise, a time will come when you feel that the message has been transmitted. Stop at that point. Sending the message might take from seconds to minutes.

If you are trying to send the message and you haven’t got that transmitted signal for 10 minutes, don’t continue any further. Because there’s a possibility that your message won’t transfer now as your mind is exhausted.

Receiver’s Role

During the whole time, the receiver should keep their mind blank. It is not something to be enforced, so it is recommended to stay calm and relaxed. Stress will ruin the whole experiment. They should pen down whatever comes to the mind to check the success of the experiment.

The End

Compare the written results of the receiver and check how many images are correctly transmitted. Repeat the experiment again and again until the desired results are achieved.