Negative energies are always around. They are equally present in the air and affect our aura without us knowing. When negative energies are around, they drain your positive power and make you feel sad and depressed.

Excessive exposure to negative energy not only affects your mental level but could even make you feeble and ill. It becomes highly necessary that you protect yourself from negative energies if you want to live a happy and healthy life.

Here are 5 ways to shield yourself from negative energies:

#1: Close your Aura:

Your aura is the main source of catching negative energies. When you are relaxed, your aura could extend up to 6 feet. Now consider yourself in a room full of people or a crowded path, could you even think how many negative bubbles could get stuck in your aura?

You should close your aura in these conditions. You could do so by crossing your arms and legs while sitting, it would bring your aura close, or you could ask your aura to shrink around your physical body only. It is not something fancy to do; it’s the same as giving the order to your hand to pick up the glass.

#2: Know Your Surroundings:

When you want to protect yourself from negative energies, it is vital to stay away from negative people and negative energies. For instance, in a stressful meeting or in the company of addicts, you are not gaining any positive energy for yourself. It is important to shorten your time in these places and with these people.

#3: Don’t React to Negativity:

During an argument, don’t react to negative energy but remain calm and composed. Keep positive thoughts around you, so you don’t get affected by the negative power of the arguer. When you don’t react, you will be surrounded by a neutral or positive energy that is powerful enough to repel the negative energy.

#4: Meditate and Exercise Daily:

Mental fitness comes by meditation while physical fitness needs exercise. Add them both to your daily routine to lower the impact of adverse energies around you. As the exercise cleans the blood by adding more oxygen to it, meditation clears the aura by adding positive and neutral energies.

#5: Build an Energy Shield Around You:

An energy shield is an imaginary shield that surrounds your body. Its purpose is to protect you from the harmful energy. You could build this shield by using your brain power.

With your intuition, give the order to your mind to make a shield that is powerful enough to withstand negative energies, set the shield time, for instance, 6-hours, make it resistant to psychic attacks.

Now you need to visualize the shield around you to get the protection. You consider this shield to be internally permeable that means you can send energy out but no energy can enter your shield. You could also visualise the colour of the shield and mark different colours for different powers.

When you are going to a place having negative energies, build this shield around you and then leave the house.