The beauty of the night sky filled with stars is incomparable.

Our light filled cities have made us nearly impossible to enjoy the shining diamonds in the sky, but with luck, we somehow get the chance to skip the city and adore this gift of nature.

The star filled sky doesn’t remain stagnant always.

Now and then, movements of heavenly bodies could be witnessed from the surface of the earth.

These shooting stars make you stop and think so many things at a time.

The fascinating phenomenon of shooting star is considered as something more than the movement of asteroids.

It has a deep spiritual meaning. The connection of shooting star with the spiritual world is not new.

In the old Greece, rising or falling human souls is the shooting star symbolism.

Also, in many cultures today, you would be asked to make a wish whenever you see a shooting star.

It is said that whatever you wish for will eventually come true.

It is considered as a good luck charm.

Shooting star symbolism changes with every region.

For some people, it is the sign of a good beginning; while, others take it a symbol of ending.

The spiritual meaning is a bit vast than any other belief related to shooting star symbolism.

Seeing a shooting star means that there is going to be a big change in your life.

A life changing event is on the way, and you should get prepared.

Seeing a shooting star means that you will achieve your destiny.

Not the physical one, but the spiritual one. You will attain your higher self soon, and you should get ready for that.

It is the reminder of your connection to the universe.

No matter what you have known before, a shooting star is the symbol of positivity.

If you are unsure about anything or you have a pending decision, then seeing a shooting star is the signal.

It means that whatever you are about to do, you will find good in it.

You should go ahead as it is the signal from the spirits.

They reassure you that you will find prosperity and success soon.

You should stop worrying and wait patiently.

As the belief of Greeks, it is still believed that shooting stars are the signal from our deceased souls.

They have departed our physical world, but they are connected to us through the spiritual world.

Seeing a shooting star could be a sign from them that they are still around you.

There are so many meanings of seeing a shooting star.

There’s no hard and fast rule to judge which shooting star symbolism is right and which is not.

However, one thing could be said for sure that shooting star is not a bad omen.

This beautiful phenomenon of nature could not bring bad luck to anyone.

If you are spiritually awake, only then you can know the real signal or meaning behind any miracle of life.

If your mind eye is closed, you can only collect clues and guess the meaning; but there’s no surety that what you have found is correct.

Why Do Shooting Stars Happen?

Why do Shooting stars take place you are wondering?

Like many have said you should not fall into a trap of misunderstanding them.

There are so many misconceptions about shootings stars that have been spread by people.

The shooting star is actually nothing but a small piece of rock or dust that’s traveling through space at a great speed, sometimes even faster than 22 miles per second.

When the space rock or dust enters our atmosphere, friction will cause it to heat up and ignite a light.

It is this heating that causes some of the rock to break apart into smaller pieces called shooting stars.

These small rocks are fragile and usually burn up before they reach Earth’s surface.

The size of these meteors rock varies with sizes and weights.

A meteorite will usually be at least the size of your fist and weigh more than a few pounds before it’s big enough to become a great shooting star.

The reason why they are called shooting stars is that these pieces burn up when entering Earth’s atmosphere, which causes them to fall down like stars or meteors from above.

How To Capture The Moment And Share it With Others?

So how can you capture this moment?

If you’re lucky, sometimes the shooting star will leave behind a streak of light that can last for several seconds and allow you the chance to capture it on camera.

The best way is to simply point your camera at the sky with long exposure settings or just hold down your shutter button for as much time as possible if you are using a smartphone.

Another way is to use a telescope, which will allow you to zoom in and capture the image of the shooting star.

Shooting Stars Are Not Actually Stars

One of the misconceptions is that shooting stars are actually falling stars which in reality is not true.

Shooting star gets its name because it appears to “shoot” across the sky, leaving a trail of light behind them as they fall from high up into Earth’s atmosphere.

So where did this idea that shooting stars are stars falling down come from??

The reason people believe that stars are falling down is because of the long streaks left behind it until they disappear.

These trails are called “streak”. This is where we get the term ‘falling stars’.

These streaks can last for up to seventy seconds and seem shorter than what you see with your naked eye because as light travels through Earth’s atmosphere, it gets scattered.

The reason these streaks are so long and bright is that the shooting star has a very hot surface, which emits almost as much light in all directions as the sun does!

These shooting stars can be really big or they could just simply be a grain of sand from space that’s caught fire when entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Make A Wish

Should you make a wish when you see a shooting star?

You can make a wish when you see a shooting star, but it’s not guaranteed to come true.

The belief in wishing on stars is an ancient one and the earliest record of this type of practice comes from about 2000 years ago!

In some cultures, there are different ways that people believe their wishes could be granted by seeing a shooting star.

Some believe that the star is a sign from God, and therefore your wish will come true.

Others believe that it’s because of karma: you should make a wish for someone else to have what they want!

Shooting Stars Represent Love, Luck, And Good Fortune

Some believe that shooting stars signify good luck and fortune.

However, in some cultures, shooting stars are believed to be the souls of dead people who have gone to heaven.

Some believe that shooting stars represent love because they’re only visible on a clear night when two lovers might lay looking at them together!

Others think that it’s an angel trying to tell you something important.

Japanese Legend

A Japanese legend says that if you make a wish upon seeing a shooting star, it will come true in ten years.

Japanese people also believe that a shooting star is the soul of someone who has died and are happy to see them go on their journey, rather than being sad for them.

African Legend

There is an African legend that tells us that when we see one, it means that someone up in the sky is sending love to somebody.

The Celts Believed in Shooting Stars

The Celts believed that shooting stars were caused by a dragon’s fire breathing. They also felt that the shooting star was a good omen, and gave them hope for the future.

Greek And Egyptian Mythology

In Greek Mythology, shooting stars are considered to be the tears of gods and goddesses longing for their lost loves.

The Egyptians believed that shooting stars were actually the souls of their loved ones who had passed away and they would leave messages in the night sky for them to read if they looked up at just the right moment.

For many cultures around the world, shooting stars are symbols with different meanings and beliefs.