The twin flame relationship is a complex and unique thing.

It is the thing people are often most curious about, mostly because we are programmed innately with the strong desire to find and cultivate love – both by our DNA and by our strand of universal consciousness.

And besides the problem of finding our twin flame, the most frequent concern expressed is over the nature of the relationship we are supposed to have with our twin flame.

Life Partners

We might assume that our twin flame is destined to be our life partner.

While it might be the case that we are supposed to have our twin flame as a romantic life partner, it is most often a little more complicated than that.

Our twin flame is undoubtedly our partner in spirit and consciousness, our timeless partner across many lives, but they might not necessarily be destined to play that role this time around.

Sometimes we might already have a life partner, we might already be married or in a long-term committed relationship.

In this instance, we should be very, very careful about giving up a loving relationship to chase our twin flame.

But then again, we might find that we are unhappy in that relationship and the appearance of our twin flame is a wake-up call to that.

Unique Journey

We are all on our own unique spiritual journey, and no advice about what we should do to progress along it is going to be one size fits all.

If we are to know what to do, we must attune to our own unique spiritual journey.

When we are in doubt about the nature of the relationship that we should share with our twin flame, it pays to spend some time in meditation and contemplation, asking our spirit guides to help us make a decision.

We can trust our intuition when it comes to these things. Intuition is a tool that our spirit guides use to nudge us in the right direction and, when making decisions about our spiritual journey, we should trust it to guide us well.


And it really is from within that we need to take guidance on whether or not we should marry our twin flame.

We know, and our spiritual selves know what is best for us, we just need to ensure that we are listening.

When we are out of balance, we can stop listening to our spiritual intuition and spirit guides and start acting without contemplation.

We might think that we should marry our twin flame simply because that is what we think we should do.

Thinking like this can lead us into damaging and abusive relationships. This is a trap we are all unfortunately in danger of falling in to.

So if you are trying to decide whether you should marry your twin flame, do not rush the decision.

Take the time to ask all the questions you need to ask yourself and your spirit guides, make sure that you are in the right place spiritually and trust your intuition.

Do Twin Flames Get Married?

It’s not an easy question to answer – after all, every relationship is different, and everybody’s journey is unique.

Some certainly get married. Some do not.

Understanding the reason for both of these facts opens up some fundamental understandings about the nature of the twin flames relationship.

Deeper knowledge of the journey you are on will help you to make better progress.

They say that knowledge is power, and that self-knowledge is the greatest power of all.

Are you wondering if you and your mirror soul heading for marriage? Read below for a more in-depth look into why they might not get married every time…

Do Twin Flames Ever Get Married?

Twin flames often do get married! After all, they match each other in terms of energy, values, and destiny.

While they are not the majority, a sizeable portion does end up having a joining ceremony.

In fact, this is the ideal outcome of the partnership. Twin flame marriage unlocks a whole other level of connection that can ultimately aid in ascension.

The potential for love and passion is unbounded. There is limitless love energy available between you, ready to be tapped into.

It is perfect for marriage, as many marriages end due to fatigue.

Intimacy is vital for married couples. Twin flames are particularly suited for each other in this regard as they are very in tune with the nuances of each other’s needs and desires.

It ranges from antics in the bedroom to how you hold hands in the park – your physical chemistry is second to none.

Your intense mutual chemistry extends to all areas. You get each other, understand each other’s motivations and drives.

You can speak without speaking, read each other’s minds, and connect with each other’s souls.

With such an incredible and powerful connection and all the ingredients that go into a successful marriage, you would think that all mirror souls should end up getting married.

That, however, is not the case.

Why Twin Flames Don’t Always Get Married

The reason why twin flames don’t always get married is that it isn’t the primary purpose of the relationship. Marriage is earthly, twin flames are spiritual.

Because of that, synchronicity doesn’t clear the way for marriage the same way it clears the way for your coming together to happen in the first place.

It means that simple, mundane, practical reasons often get in the way of marriage.

One of the main obstacles they can face is an age gap. Age gaps are common, with the most common difference being 10-20 years.

In many cultures and communities, this is not acceptable, and so social pressure tends to put a stop to it.

Gender can play a part too. Many women find their twin flame to be another woman, even though they aren’t of that particular persuasion.

It stands in the way of having any romantic relationship.

Other issues include distance, class, religion, and existing relationships. Any number of things can stand in the way of marriage.

The critical thing to take away from this is that it is beautiful and healthy for your twin flame relationship to not end in marriage.

It is perfectly normal if it is not romantic in the slightest.

People get caught up in the stereotypical version of this partnership.

They have this Hollywood idea of true, perfect love and integrate that into what they know about this type of partnership.

The two are nothing alike.

Different Types Of Twin Flame Relationship

There are many various forms your relationship could take, and many of them are platonic. Most of them, in fact – though most links do have some romantic component.

The archetype is of two people in a monogamous, romantic relationship. It can go one of two ways.

Either it goes perfectly, and you are fully ready for each other. In this case, you are likely to get married and live happily together.

But it might not. Remember that you have a relationship that lasts many lifetimes, so if you don’t end up staying together in this one, then it is not the end of the world.

Outside of the archetype are the more rare types.

The mentor-mentee type has an interesting dynamic.

There is usually a significant age difference that is keeping twin flames from a romantic relationship; mostly, the older twin tends to have a lot of life experience and the inclination to share it.

The mentor teaches the mentee about life, love and spirituality from a purely platonic place.

Another type is the best friend of the twin flame relationship. This type is almost identical to the traditional model, just without the romance.

There can even be a physical relationship, though there most often isn’t.

The benefit of this type is that you can still have a lifelong relationship with them while also having a life partner with whom you can be romantic.

Just be careful that one (or both) of them doesn’t get jealous.

Another common one is the family relationship. Sometimes your mirror soul is someone that you are related to – often a cousin or sibling, but sometimes an aunt or uncle.

Obviously, with these types of relationship, romance is out of the question.

But this type is unique as there is an additional blood bond along with the usual spiritual connection.

In many ways, the twin flame connection is a family connection anyway.

There are as many ways of doing this partnership as there are people to pick one. Yours will be as unique as everyone else’s.

The key thing to remember is that your journey is your own, and there is no instruction booklet.

You will need to use your intuition to figure out what is right – though most of the time, it is clear what type of relationship you must have with your twin flame.