Shy Guy Body Language Attraction

Not every guy is bold enough to share what is in their mind and heart. When it comes to attraction, body language says a lot of things.

Actions speak louder than words, and for the shy guys, they are the only one to know what is going on in their head because they won’t use words to share their feelings. They are too shy to ask a girl out.

For a shy man, it is impossible to share his feelings. You need to be smart to know what he feels.

If you are attracted towards a man, and he has a shy personality then look for these shy guy body language attraction signs to decode his feelings:

A Long Stare

A shy guy is unable to tell that he likes you but his eyes can narrate the whole story to you. In a room full of people, you catch him looking at you often; then you most likely are the centre of his attention.

He will look away instantly when he sees that you have caught him staring. But, he will do it again after some time because it is hard for him to look away.

A Confused Being

He is different in front of you than rest of the world. You can clearly sense that he is confused. Your presence makes him feel nervous.

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He can’t communicate properly. It’s all because he is unable to compose himself when talking to you. He is trying to hide his feelings, that’s why he is acting weirdly.

Be Near You

A shy man doesn’t dare to touch you. Even just on the shoulder as a friend, but he will try to remain present near you.

You will always find him around you especially when you need him, he will appear from nowhere and he also knows what you require. It shows that he is silently keeping an eye on you.

Polite as Possible

You might never see the anger of the shy man. He doesn’t want to scare you, and thus he remains as polite as possible with you.

No matter what other people say about him, you will find him a calm person who doesn’t get angry at all. You might also catch him smiling at you when he thinks you are not looking.

Never Miss A Chance to Be With You

As he can’t directly ask you out, he finds ways to communicate with you and be with you. You will see him showing interest in the things you do.

A Bit of a Flirt

In your small talks, there is always a bit of flirting. A shy guy will compliment you and share his feelings incidentally.

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He has his own ways of sharing what he thinks. He will tell you indirectly and you need to know what he truly means. Try to be as nice as you can because this will give him the courage to open up to you.

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