You like a woman, but you are unsure of what she thinks about you! You could ask her how she feels, but you don’t want to scare her off.

Now the question arises, what to do? There are specific signs that show when a woman is attracted to you.

Signs a Woman is Attracted To You Body Language

Their body language shows when they are interested to find out who you are –here are the most prominent signs to notice:

Getting Closer:

Women are very choosy and don’t like to get close to every person they meet. When they start to become personal and get closer, it is a clear sign that you piqued her interest in you.

They will let you into their personal space and may even sit next to you.

Making Eye Contact:

When there is a repeated eye contact that means there’s something going on in her mind. When you see her, and she is watching you, it means you are on her mind.

Touching Whenever Possible:

Here, we are not talking about intimate touch or kiss; it is a simple touch like touching your arms lightly, running into you accidentally, placing a hand on your knee, or similar touches like that.

Smiling Always:

Smiling is the indicator of happiness, and when a woman likes you, she sees you, and you make her smile.

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Smiling means she likes your company and enjoys being around you.

If a woman looks deep into your eyes and smiles when she is looking at you, then you should look for other signs as well. She might be very interested in you.

Showing Interest:

A woman focuses on a man more when she is attracted. When in a group, she is paying more attention to you than others, then there’s a probability that she finds you attractive.

Also, when she talks to you, she focuses more on you than others. You feel like you have her full attention because you do.

Lips Play the Part

Looking at your lips again and again shows a woman is showing interest in you.

Also, she might bite her lips and play with them in any way. It means that she is also subconsciously drawing your attention towards her lips.

Open Arms:

When you meet up her greeting is one of open arms. This means she is open to you. If she crosses her arms or does not offer a hug, that says she feels closed off around you and wants to protect herself.

Flipping Hair:

Playing with the hair, flipping it, or rolling her fingers through her hair, can indicate an attraction, or she could just be nervous.

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It can mean that she is flirting even without knowing about it. The neck is the very sensitive part of the body of a woman, removing hair from her neck region can also be a sign of attraction.

Craving Attention:

Woman like attention, especially of the man she likes. If she is doing things to grab your attention, then it’s a sure sign that she is attracted towards you.

She will find ways to talk to you or be with you whenever she can.