Female psychic attack: Some females are often hesitant to seek help after a psychic attack, in fear that no one will believe them.

But a psychic attack is very much real, and many cultures have corroborated its existence.

Even contemporary research has deemed it as one of the primary reasons of debilitating mental health. In this article, we’re going to tell you how to identify and defend yourself against a psychic attack.

Some sinister people use a female psychic attack to control and manipulate others for diabolical reasons.

This mental encroachment can cause serious damage to your health. More formerly known as “Black magic”, the physical and emotional effects of this attack are disastrous.

Seek psychological help at the earliest if you are experiencing any of the symptoms we are going to mention in this article.

Signs of Female psychic Attack

Chronic Anxiety and Depression

In a female psychic attack, anxiety and depression spring up without any reason.

One moment, you’re mentally stable, and in the next, you’re wallowing in grief and sadness.

We all know what ticks us off and what doesn’t.

Identifying thoughts that do not belong to us is key in recognising a mental intrusion.


Nightmares are one of the most vital signs of such an attack.

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Many people see earthquakes, murders, fantastical creatures, twisted beings etc, under the influence of the attack.

This causes asphyxiation during sleep.

You might abruptly wake up in the middle of the night with a racing heart and a frightened mind.

Unrealistic Fears

Fears that are farther from the reality might create a home inside your mind ― and not just temporary fears, but chronic ones that persist for days, weeks and sometimes even months.

A palpitating heart and delirium might follow this nervous feeling.

You might feel unnerved at the slightest hint of danger.

These fears stop you from socialising and interacting with your family and friends.

You might seclude yourself and eschew humans altogether.

Frequent baths

Clear water has always been used to purge negative energies.

People often feel protected from a psychic attack when they’re around moving waters, such as a lake or a river.

That is why taking a bath helps considerably. It is a means of cleansing yourself of fear.

Suicidal antics

Most psychic attacks imbue suicidal tendencies in their victims.

They often dream about their deaths or are irresistibly drawn towards it.

They might also research about different methods of dying. Also, they an air of scepticism envelops them. Before doing anything, they question its purpose.

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Every pursuit seems frivolous to them as if everything is infected with existentialism.

A female psychic attack can have frightening implications.

There are many things that can help you counter its effects, such as crystals, meditation, emotional freedom technique, etc.

For some people, one method works while the other doesn’t.

Find out what works best for you and take immediate action. Delaying will only make matters worse.