Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Our love for our family and friends never dies in our memories and hearts.

Our energy vibration when we think of them keeps part of them in the physical plane.

It is also the strength of love that allows the departed to communicate with us.

So if you have experienced a loss, it might be worth your time to see if your loved one is trying to communicate with you by checking these signs.

Visited In A Dream By Deceased Loved One

By far the most common way we are contacted by those who have passed is through our dreams.

Often just as quickly as they appeared they deliver us a message in an unrelated dream and Poff, gone again!

Usually, this appearance is accompanied by a feeling of wellbeing and calm.

If this is the case, then the message is clear. They have reached the other side and want us to know that they are safe and at peace.

Sensing A Deceased Loved One’s Presence

Another common one, this one is possible because of extrasensory perception.

Essentially, we know our loved ones so well that we can identify their spiritual energies when they are close. We experience this as the feeling of being around someone.

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This doesn’t stop when they pass. When we need deep understanding our deceased loved ones feel us and enter our presence.

We might also catch their scent or even feel them touch us. This can be very comforting and is most common in the days after their passing.

A Deceased Loved One Can Send Electrical Messages

It is very much documented that those who have passed have a particular affinity for electrical devices. Using this they can try to contact us.

Examples of this are televisions and radios turning on and off or changing channels, strange electrical readings on measurement devices, and lights flickering or turning on and off.

During difficult times in our lives, our deceased loved ones might even manipulate the radio so that it plays a song that reminds us of them.

This is so that we know that they are watching over us and doing what they can.

Synchronicity Messages From A Deceased Loved One

Lastly, the most powerful tool for those who have passed to communicate with us is through synchronicity.

They can use this to pass messages to us in plain sight as we go about our day.

Our soul family is smart, they put messages in front of us to let us know that we are not alone.

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The key to finding the messages is in remembering all the specific little things that remind you of them.

Look for clues in images, songs, poems, sounds, smells, practically anything that you feel is a sign from them, usually is.

They are there to watch out for us, if we let them, they never stop loving us.

So those are the most common signs from a deceased loved one that you can look out for if you have experienced a loss.

Trained clairvoyants may be able to take communication with our lost loved ones even further, but even without their help we still have many ways to keep our loved ones close.