When you are taking an interest in someone, you know for sure that they are going to be on your mind continuously. No matter what you do, they will remain the centre of your attention subconsciously.

That’s the story on your side; but what about their side? When someone is thinking about you? How do you know they are taking an interest in you?

Here are nine signs to check if he is thinking about you:

Finding a continuous way of communication:

There are always cute little messages from him. Also, he calls to talk about xyz stuff that seems nothing important at all. If he works or studies with you, you would find him around your desk now and then.

He even talks to your friends to make a bridge to communicate with you and so on. All these things he does are to communicate with you.

Brings Gift for you:

He brings little things for you that you like. Even if it’s just a bag of chips that you once said that you like. He cares for your small wishes. And make you feel special whenever possible.

He Listens to You:

Whether you have a small chat or a big story you want to tell your circle of friend’s, he is always there to listen. He doesn’t want to make you think that he is not interested in your words, and he will carefully hear each and every sentence.

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Your Opinion Matters:

Whenever he is going to make an important decision in his life, he comes to you and asks for your opinion. He carefully listens and considers what you say.

His Honesty is Evident:

He respects you and remains honest with you. He never hides anything from you that is important.

He Talks About You Always:

No matter what you do, he appreciates you and tells everybody that he feels this way about you. You are always on his mind. His friend’s circle knows many excellent qualities of yours because he never stops talking about you and the things you do.

He Lets you Meet His Family:

You are not something to hide, and he knows this. He loves to have you spend time with his family and friends. Not only him, but all his friend’s circle and family members respect you.

As he has already included you in his life, he doesn’t feel any shyness in sharing the relationship with others.

He is Protective:

He wants to keep you safe and remains alert for your security. Not only physical harm but also he doesn’t want you to get harmed emotionally.

If you make a terrible choice, you see his disappointment. He is highly protective of every matter regarding you.

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Sacrifices are there:

He sacrifices his time and energy with you. He gives his time to the things that are only important for you. When he gets a chance, he cooks a dinner for you and prepares your favourite food.

He does everything to make you happy.