5 Signs of a Psychic Attack

It is significantly relevant to understand the symptoms of psychic attacks. Everything in this world has energy; even our thoughts have energy too.

The power in our thoughts can be referred to as invisible energy, other types of invisible energy in this world is the air we breathe and radio waves. Psychic attacks are negative intentions or energy directed towards someone consciously or unconsciously for different reasons.


Negative energy is generated from unpleasant thoughts for example sadness, insecurity or anger. Have you ever been in a situation either you or someone close to you has developed a spontaneous reaction towards another due to a negative thought or emotion? If yes, that is an example of a psychic attack.

Here are some of the signs of psychic attacks:

Physical Signs

The most common physical symptoms are nausea and sharp headaches. It is common for someone to experience a feeling of intense dislike and disgust which is often accompanied by unwellness and a desire to vomit. Stomach pains and chest pains are also examples of real indicators.

A person will likely experience breathing difficulties as well as a heavy chest. Other common symptoms include coughing, feelings of exhaustion which are later followed by deep sleep.

Psychological Signs of Psychic Attack


This comes in the form of distrust to one’s sanity. The individual feels that the discomfort and the conflict that arises is due to their incapacity and poor judgement. Hence driving the person to blame himself for the problem at hand frequently. It is common for people to feel as though they are losing their minds.



Similar to paranoia, a person would inevitably become victim to a phobia that possibly does not exist. For instance, if someone is involved in an argument with a friend, a person might develop a fear later on, that the friend might endeavour to hurt him either physically or emotionally. On most occasions, this is not the case but a symptom of an energetic attack.

Unrealistic Imaginations

These imaginations mainly come in the form of nightmares of weird and horrible things happening, for example being physically attacked. Another circumstance is feeling hypnotised.

It is common for people to feel as though they are not in control of their current psychological state and this adds on to the fear and paranoia where the individual cannot help but imagine of bad things coming their way. This symptom can be accompanied by some of the mentioned physical signs like severe headaches, abnormal sweating and heavy breathing.


Lack of control

When experiencing a psychic attack, it is common for one to experience loss of physical control. You would possibly feel as though you are losing the ability to move your body among other functions. It can be said that you will feel as though you are frozen stiff. Not only does it apply to the physical body control but also mental control.

A person would feel as though they cannot fully reason with a given situation, and as mentioned earlier, this is almost similar to questioning sanity.

Psychic attacks do not only occur due to self-generated negative energy. They can be more attributed to someone else’s negative intentions towards you. The best way of figuring a way forward is first identifying what the problem is all about.

These are the main signs that are associated with energetic attacks and by understanding the triggers, one is a step closer to prevention.


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