We all encounter people throughout our lives who we feel we have a much more in-depth connection with than we do with everyone else.

It may feel like we have met an old friend, one from a past existence or a higher dimension. Many people describe this as meeting their soulmate or rediscovering a past love.

When our intuition makes us feel this way, it is a sign that we have discovered a spiritual connection.

A spiritual connection can be either romantic or platonic. The spirit does not mind either way.

The bonds of platonic friendship are often even stronger than those we might have in a romantic relationship.

When we experience romantic love, we can sometimes mistake that for a spiritual connection, but those romantic feelings can sometimes mask the truth.

So what are the signs that you have experienced a spiritual connection?

A Sense Of Shared Experience

Often, when experiencing a spiritual connection, it is accompanied by the unshakeable feeling deep within that we have known this person before.

We have all existed in many forms and the connections we have made in past existences rarely just disappear.

The feeling of familiarity with someone that we have apparently just met can be the consequence of having met an old friend.

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But this need not be the case – sometimes, a spiritual connection can be forged by shared experiences in this life, shared auras and energy states that foster a new spiritual connection.

Effortless Kinship

Another sure sign of spiritual connection is effortless kinship. Most relationships begin with a period of difficulty as we learn how to communicate with and relate to one another.

But when we experience a spiritual connection, we often skip this phase or find that it passes much more quickly.

This is because within a spiritual context our energies and vibrations are attuned to one another, and we naturally feel more comfortable and less suspicious of each other’s motives.

Shared Values and Attitudes

Our values and attitudes are borne from within and function as expressions of our most authentic selves at any given point in time.

When we find a spiritual connection, it is often with someone who shares those values and attitudes, as well as goals and ideals.

Note that this is not always the case – sometimes we make spiritual connections with people who differ from us in their values and attitudes.

Usually, this indicates that one of us has strayed from our true selves, and this relationship will allow us to find our path once more.

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Selfless Love and Mutual Improvement

We can achieve this return to our path because of the nature of the spiritual connection. Connected spirits exhibit selflessness towards each other and strive to help them to improve.

Those relationships that, rather than hold us back or keep us down, motivate us to improve and provide a nurturing environment for healthy success and self-actualisation are often spiritual connections.

When we feel the drive to help someone improve, not out of concern for our own needs and desires but for the sake of that other person, we have discovered a spiritual connection that will provide.