Spotting the signs of an enlightened person can be hard.

There is no rulebook, no style guide, no instruction manual for enlightenment – so; unfortunately, the enlightened don’t come with a handy product description.

But there are some common signs that a person is enlightened.

So if you want to know if someone is an enlightened person, these are the signs you can look out for:


The enlightened person invariably has happiness.

This is core to their being, as they have ceased to base their sense of joy on external factors and realised that happiness comes from within.

This does not mean that an enlightened person is never sad.

Indeed, enlightenment brings with it a particular perspective of the world that sees the suffering that people endure every day.

But whether they feel sad or not, the enlightened person is always happy to be alive – here, now, as destiny wills it.

Embodies Peace

The enlightened person does not fight but uses diplomacy, empathy and understanding to solve conflicts.

Nothing is worth raising a hand in anger or violence, because harming someone else is equivalent to hurting yourself.

We are all one. The enlightened person sees that and knows that we must not fight each other.

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Loves Unconditionally

Love is the purest light in the universe, and an enlightened person has fully embraced that.

No matter what you do or say to an enlightened person, they will still love you.

They may dislike you, they may not want to spend time with you, work with you or want to be your friend – but they will always love you, as they love all conscious beings.

Self Sacrificing & Humble

In that spirit, the enlightened person always puts themselves last.

They don’t like the spotlight being on them – it’s not that they’re shy or lack confidence – but they would rather let someone take the limelight and show what they can do.

This is because the enlightened person wants what is best for everyone, often putting aside their desires for the needs and wants of others.


An enlightened person does not, however, neglect themselves.

Physical, emotional and mental health is of extreme importance to the enlightened person.

It is by taking care of the body and mind that the soul is given the best opportunity for growth.

Spiritual work is hard, and having a healthy body and mind ensures that the workload isn’t increased unnecessarily.

Spiritually Dedicated

But most of all, the enlightened person is dedicated to spiritual practice.

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Nothing is more important to them than working towards the enlightenment of humanity, to progressing many people of this world by healing, purging negative energy and providing guidance to the lost and wounded.

The enlightened know their meaning in life, and it is to serve the higher states of consciousness that we will someday ascend to.

That is what makes an enlightened person so unique, after all.