Signs of astral projection tell you whether you are on the right track or not.

When you are nearing your goal of astral projecting, you will sense great changes within yourself and in your surroundings. They are hard to miss.

If you sense all or a few of these signs when you are trying to astral project, that means you are ready to leave your physical body and enter the astral realm.

Top Signs of Astral Projection are as follow:

1. Vibrations

Vibration is the best astral projection sign. Your body isn’t vibrating for real, but it feels it because your mind is working with full concentration.

The vibrating sensation is not very fast at first but augments with time.

2. Changes in Temperature

Many people claim to sense an alteration in temperature when they enter the room during projection.

Some individuals say that the environment gets cold, while others say it becomes hot.

3. Hearing Different Sounds

When you are about to achieve your goal, you will start to hear the voices of the spiritual world.

These sounds appear like many bees buzzing or many birds chirping at the same time. Because of the energy shift, the intensity of the sound increases when you are ready to enter the astral plane.

4. Increased Heart Beat

Your heart rate increases very rapidly. The switch is not easy for your body and thus your heart works fast to boost the blood flow to your body parts.

It is a typical occurrence and happens whenever you astral project.

5. Alteration in Movement Sensation

Your sense of movement starts to change. You might feel like you are flying or floating. You may even feel weightless.

6. Visual Hallucinations

You are about to astral project in the same room where your body is lying, but, just before you reach the exit point, your mind starts to show you different images that are not real.

The visions might disturb you entirely, but all these projections are the result of hyperactivity of your brain.

7. Breathing changes

You should clear your mind from any tension or excitement when you want to astral project.

Heavy breathing is the sign that you are completely relaxed but need to calm yourself to a slower rhythm of breath. Astral projection requires you to stay quiet and still. Take some deep breathes to control your breathing.

8. Sleep Paralysis

When you are about to switch from the physical plane to the astral plane, there comes a point when you are unable to move your limbs at all.

It is the most frightening situation for the newbies, but don’t worry, it is a temporary paralysis. It occurs because your mind is giving its all power in astral projection while neglecting anything that seems unnecessary.

9. Alteration in Weight Perception

Like temperature changes, your perception of your own weight also changes. You could either feel light or heavy.

When you feel heavier than before, it seems like gravity is pulling you towards itself with greater force. A light feeling appears like you are weightless as a feather and floating in the air.

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