Signs of Astral Projection: Another common name for the astral projection is out-of-body experience or simply OBE.

As the name indicates, it is the phenomenon in which the astral body leaves the physical body.


It is the temporary separation of the physical and spiritual form; like many people share their near-death experience when their bodies have left them for few seconds.

Signs of Astral Projection

The signs of astral projection are unique and vary from person to person.

Many people don’t even know about it because they forget what happens during the whole phenomenon.

There are many forms of astral projection. They are differentiated by the time at which that phenomenon occurs. Astral body mostly leaves your physical form when you are unconscious.

For instance, when you are sleeping, and you feel a sudden jolt, there’s a chance that your body is reconnected to your astral form.


Other than that, people who achieve a higher level of spirituality could intentionally leave their physical body to know what is happening in their surroundings and connects back to their physical form.

When you are about to astral project, here are some signs to look for:


When you are nearing your goal of astral projection, your body starts to vibrate at its full.

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The vibrating sensation is not very strong at the beginning, but as the time progresses, it increases.

Increased Heart Rate:

Your heart rate increases and you could even check it through the medical instruments.

Typically, your heart rate rushes when you are in the highly active state physically, but in this form of elevation, the more you relax, the more you feel the increase in your heart rate.


Buzzing is another sign of astral projection. People have reported hearing different sounds just before or between the astral projections.

Sounds like birds chirping, bells ringing, etc. The more intense and louder the sound is, the more you are near to reaching your goal. Hear that sound and wait for what is coming.

Sleep Paralysis:

It is the most evident and strong sign of astral projection. Your body starts to feel numb, and you can’t move your arms or legs at your will, even though you want to.


But don’t worry; it is not a permanent condition. When your astral body is ready to detach itself from the physical form, you become paralysed temporarily.

Visual Hallucinations:

During the astral projection, your mind could see what you couldn’t see with your physical eyes.

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Visual hallucination is another sign of astral projection.

The images you see appear even more prominent and vivid, but as they are just hallucinations, you should not be worried about them.

Alterations in Weight:

When your astral body is about to leave your physical body, two things could happen.

Either you feel very heavy; this is because your astral body wants to move but as it is trying to do so, the gravity is pulling it with even greater force.

Secondly, you feel quite light, because you become free from gravitational pull.