Signs of Attraction Between Two People

Attraction is a strange feeling that bonds two people together. Every relationship starts with attraction. First, there’s always an attraction that makes people fall for each other. Attraction leads to attention which eventually causes the person to notice the traits of another person. When these characteristics are what you are looking for, it turns into a healthy and happy relationship.

Humor:How to tell when there’s attraction between two people? There are some prominent signs of attraction that would easily tell you whether someone is attracted to you.

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When two people are attracted towards each other, there’s always a nice sense of humor between them. Humor is the simple sign of attraction. If the person is interested in you, he would crack a joke and try to make you laugh. On the other hand, when you feel truly attracted towards someone, you will laugh at their every joke.

Read the Eyes:

It is commonly said that eyes are the windows to the soul. You can easily tell what a person is thinking when you know how to read their eyes. If a person is attracted towards you, you could find it in their eyes.

If you don’t know how to read eyes, you could look for these signs: when you look in the crowd, that person is looking at you; eye contact always comes with great silence and looking into each other eyes make you forget the whole world.

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 Body Language:

Body language also provides another clear sign of attraction between two people. When there’s an attraction, body language is more open and pronounced.

For instance, no more crossed legs, the person would sit facing you with open body language, there would be more sense of comfort, that person will greet you with a smile always and so much more. The positive body language is a sign of attraction.

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More Time Together:

When two people are attracted towards each other, they spend more time together and want to spend even more. When you become the priority for someone, and they give you time then they are giving you their most precious thing because once a second is gone, you can not get it back no matter what you do.

 Consistent Behavior:

There’s a constant behaviour when two people are attracted towards one another. They don’t change and remain the same. If one day they are willing to spend some time with you, the next day won’t change  anything. There’s a constant good behaviour between you people.

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Periods of Silence:

When there is an attraction, words are not required always. There are long periods of silence, and these silences are comfortable. You both understand each other with your eyes only and understand what the other is saying.

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Noticing Small Details:

Attraction makes a person want to know more about the other. It even lets you notice the smallest details that nobody else thinks to look for. You can sense the minute change in a single glance whether that change is emotional or physical, you don’t find any trouble.

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