Do you profoundly care about the mother earth and its natives? Do you keep your surroundings clean and ask others to do so? Does a strong power stop you from harming any living being? If you find these traits in you, then you could be a lightworker.

Lightworkers are people who have come to earth for a very special reason. They want to promote the positive energy in the world. They care for the well-being of humanity.

In any given time, there could be many lightworkers present, and they all work for the same goal, i.e. to make the world a better place.

Signs of Being a Lightworker

There are eight signs of being a lightworker; learning them will help you to know the real purpose of your life.

You Have A Pure Soul:

You are highly sensitive because your soul is pure. You can easily detect the positivity and negativity around you. The negative energy is hard for you to understand: like you don’t know how people can show that much anger or how someone can hurt you.

You Can Easily Sense Emotions:

Picking up emotions of others is not hard for you. You can easily detect the emotional fluctuation in the mind of any person. It is part of being a lightworker that you feel terrible about the miseries of the world. You can sense the energies of other people flowing in you.

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You Prefer To Be Alone:

Because you tend to absorb other peoples emotions, you can sense their negative energies as well. Sometimes, it becomes the toughest job for you. That’s why you love your alone time.

Empathy in Blood:

You always show empathy. You care for others and cannot see them in pain. Empathy is among the top signs of being a lightworker.

You have a Rebellious Nature:

The lightworker doesn’t run by the rules of the society. You have a rebellious nature that allows you to achieve the spiritual evolution required to perform your duty.

You don’t fit correctly in society and feel distant from others. You only follow the right path and thus, you also face problems in achieving your goals.

You are a Helper:

Life is not about money for you. You help others whenever you can. You volunteer in places. You have a strong desire to help others. You also select a profession that allows you help others somehow.

You Like Outer Space:

In some way, you feel the great connection between you and the Universe. Stars are not just twinkling diamonds in the sky; they give you the sense of calmness and make you feel like home. Your affiliation with the cosmos increases with time.

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You Inspire Others:

People feel safe around you. Your positive energy attracts others. You inspire them. You live the best life guided by spirit. Best living doesn’t mean life full of materialistic things; it means you have the ideal mental and physical form. If not, then you start your lightworker’s duty by going for personal development first.