Lots of things are going on when two people are falling for each other. When they have chemistry between them, there is no way it can remain hidden. Even when you two are not dating, people will take you as a couple.

12 signs of chemistry between a man and a woman:

Here are 12 signs of chemistry between a man and a woman that you can check to know what’s going on:

You Share Mutual Respect

There’s a mutual respect of who you are. No one is pushy. There’s no argument on the bad traits.

Time Runs Fast

It seems like that you two have just met and immediately the time of departure has arrived. Time runs so fast that four hours talk feels like few minutes conversation.

You Could Talk About Anything

Yes! You two can talk about any topic, and neither of you gets bored. From political issues to romantic movies, every conversation is just for enjoying the current moment.

There is No Secret

You both don’t know why but your comfort level is too high that you don’t want to hide anything. You tell each other almost everything without thinking for a second. Even the embarrassing secrets don’t seem too bad to share.

No Hidden Weaknesses

People fully show off their strengths and hide their weaknesses. But, with this person, you don’t want to hide your flaws. There’s no curtain on your fears and troubles.

Sense of Comfort in their Presence

You just want to be with that person because you feel comfortable in his presence. Somehow, when that individual enters the room full of people, you can see the spotlight on his head. Rest of the presence in the room seems to fade away.

It’s not always physical

At the initiation of any relationship, getting physical immediately means the end is near. Here, you two enjoy each other’s company at a mental level as well. Just the thought of the person makes you happy.

Difference in Behavior

From the talking tone to the gestures they use, everything changes. You both are different in public and even more altered when together.

You Both Know Every Detail

From the details of the wristwatch to finding your car in the parking lot full of similar models, every single piece of information is saved in your head. It’s all because you notice everything about each other.

You Share Good Laughter

It seems like your sense of humour has gotten a boost. There are so many funny things around that you haven’t noticed before. You two spend a good time together.

Eyes Talk A Lot

In a room, your eyes only want to see them; and they are also looking for you. Even when apart in public, you can see them looking at you whenever you turn to look at them. Also, looking into each other’s eyes doesn’t feel awkward. You can do it for minutes even without saying a word.

Things Remain Cool:

Both of you want to enjoy this connection; thus, neither of you want to hurt the other. There are no arguments. The differences are accepted, and you two carry on by respecting those things that you don’t find similar.

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