Signs of emotional attraction from a man? I see this question all over the net.

Girls have explicit emotions. When a girl likes a guy, she finds it hard to hide her feelings from him. Guys have a thick, coarse exterior that is hard to interpret.

They almost always have their emotions closeted away. Growing up in a society, such as ours, where guys are labelled as “wusses” for acting a little bit sentimental, it’s no wonder they turn out so impassive.

Signs of Emotional Attraction From a Man

But, at the end of the day, no matter how strong their unrevealing visage is, they are still susceptible to leakage of emotion.

These signs of emotional attraction from a man will help you decode his interest or lack of it.

He gives you special attention

Most guys hang out with a lot of girls. It’s hard to figure out who they’re really into.

However, when a guy is really in to you, he’ll show you special attention. He’ll text you even when he’s busy at work or hanging out with his friends.

He’ll make time for you and refrain from making frequent excuses.

He goes the extra mile for you

When a guy is emotionally invested in you, he goes above and beyond to do whatever’s necessary to make you happy.

He doesn’t just fill your lap with expensive gifts; he is there for you at your miserable worst. You feel protected around him.

He feels like a home, a place you can crash at when the whole word flashes slogans of rejection and betrayal.

You can confide in him without a hesitant thought. This is one of the most important signs of emotional attraction from a man.

He gives you a happy-sad smile

Guys, when they’re genuinely in love give you a look that’s bewitching.

Why do I say that? Because they don’t just smile at you, they immerse themselves in your eyes in adoration, yearning and admiration.

They don’t just see a body; they see a soul they envision a future with. And you instantly feel it. That look of sincerity makes your heart skip a beat.

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I always remember this line from “Singstreet” (A masterpiece by Terrence Malik), “Love is happy-sad”. No one has ever described love more aptly than this.

He shares his emotions with you

A guy who is emotionally vulnerable around you genuinely trusts you. He’s not hesitant when it comes to sharing his thoughts and beliefs with you.

If something is pestering his mind, he is upfront about it, instead of playing mind-games. He knows that you’re the one person who’s not going to toy with his emotions.

That’s why, out of all the people in the world, he chooses you to listen to his emotional troubles. This is also one of the most substantial signs of attraction from a man.

He accepts you the way you are

Love is not controlling. It doesn’t try to change you. Guys who are emotionally attached never question your originality.

They are never afraid of showing you to the world. They celebrate your flaws and imperfections. They imbue in you the positivity to become a better version of yourself.

You might wear a masquerade in front of the whole world, but when you’re around him, your true-self will naturally fizzle out.

If your guy reveals these “signs of emotional attraction from a man”, then consider yourself lucky because he genuinely loves you.

The Way he looks at You Speaks Volumes

The way he looks at you makes a world of difference. In the words of the Great Al Pacino, “The eyes, Chico, they never lie!” You can figure out if a guy is interested in you, simply by the look in his eyes.

If he looks at you as if you’re an otherworldly beauty, then he’s probably head over heels in love with you.

If he gives you an intriguing stare, he’s probably curious about you and wants to get to know you better.

Similarly, if he can’t help but lock his eyes into yours, you’re his most favourite person in the world.

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Eyes have their own language, are you lending an ear to what they have to say?

You’re His Priority

Sure, he might have many interests. Heck, he might even religiously follow a sport. But, when it comes to you, he sets aside everything. You matter to him the most.

At times, he can’t imagine spending a minute without you. His behaviour shows that he is irresistibly attracted towards you. Believe me; men don’t often spend time with women who they don’t like.

He Envisions a Future with You

He doesn’t hesitate when you mention the possibility of a future together. On the contrary, he’s quite open to the idea. He wants to be in a committed relationship with you.

He never refuses to meet your friends or family. He makes an effort to adjust himself into your social circles.

He’s Different around You

He might be a raving lunatic in front of everyone else, but with you, his behaviour is completely different. He is willing to forgive your mistakes as if they’re nothing.

Even if you have some revealing imperfections, he embraces them wholeheartedly.

He Understands

He never questions your beliefs, thoughts and opinions. He is also never judgmental and quite understands when it comes to sensitive topics, such as religion, politics or relationships.

He is willing to compromise to keep the relationship afloat.

He’s Always There for You

The whole world might leave you in your time of need, but he does not. He doesn’t care if it’s rush hour. He finds a way to cheer you up when you’re at your lowest.

He gives you hope when you have none of it. Most of all, he believes in your ability to overcome insurmountable odds. He always spurs you on to be the bigger better version of yourself.

He listens to your thoughts intently. Even if you’re talking utter rubbish, he never fails to be responsive.