The vibrational shift is the shift in the consciousness from a low vibration towards a high vibration. It happens when the person goes through the process of spiritual awakening. This shift allows the individual to find their main purpose in life.

When a person is moving towards high vibration, they start to feel positive. The signs of high vibrations vary from person to person, but some common signs are experienced by almost every individual who goes through high vibrations.

In the state of high vibration, people begin to understand that they have the power to control their energy and thus they face all these signs:

#1: More Controlled Emotions:

There are less negative emotions and more positive emotions. Feelings usually pass your mind without producing any harmful effects at all. You remain away from anger and sadness.

#2: Open Mindedness is There

You don’t follow the fixed idea of living, and you become much more adaptable in adopting new and better ways to live your life. You are curious about things and want to be better than before.

#3: Thankfulness in Everything

You don’t feel bad about the things you don’t have. Instead, you feel grateful for everything you own. The feeling of lacking does not rule you; instead, you feel that you have everything, for instance, family, love, shelter, job, etc.

#4: Prominent Empathy

When you are heading towards higher vibrations, you could easily put yourself in others’ shoes. You know what they are feeling exactly. When you understand the pain of others, you become a good person and never try to hurt them at all.

#5: Creativity Conquers

You won’t become a boring old person, and you become someone who is full of life. You search for new opportunities and know the real meaning of life. Creativity conquers your mind; you want to make things better.

#6: Self-Awareness Increases

Your self-awareness increases and you want to become better than before. You become as good as possible and don’t want to hurt anyone with your words. Your self-awareness isn’t about materialistic things but your behaviours with others.

#7: Others Don’t Manipulate You

People who are going towards high vibrations don’t get manipulated by others. The rules of people do not govern you, but you follow the rules of the divine.

These all are the signs when your vibration is high, but what to do when your vibration is low? There are some simple things to do in this scenario:

  • Practice forgiveness and compassion
  • Do random acts of kindness daily
  • Don’t expect others to return you the favour of kindness
  • Meditate daily to clear your thoughts
  • Keep away from negative energies as much as you can
  • Reduce or stop alcohol or drug use
  • Eat good only, mostly plant-based diet
  • Take care of your thoughts and make them as positive as you can
  • Don’t do wrong by others
  • Feel love for others in your heart
  • Select good options in your life
  • Read good things; if daily news makes you feel bad, stay away from it
  • Listen to good music

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