Intense attraction is laced with emotional subtext. When you are strongly attracted to someone, you feel as if there is a whirlwind inside your mind ― sweeping away your sanity.

You feel so drawn towards the other person that you lose control of your senses. An imaginary pull edges you closer to your lover with every passing moment.

You’re persistent resistant to your emotions is rendered futile by this insane attraction that you feel for your lover.

You don’t know how or why you’re overwhelmingly tempted to be with them, but you can’t help but feel hopelessly in love with them.

Some indicators show intense attraction between two people.

Sensual silences

Silences are an ordinary occurring; they’re no big thing, right? Wrong! When you are insanely attracted towards someone, the silence eats away your self-control.

It makes you want to pounce on your loved one. The power of silence only surmounts with passing time.

You have this undying urge to break this silence by showering your loved one with endless affection.

This silence makes you feel sexually aroused at times as well and most often than not ends in a hot steamy session of intense love-making.

Everything about them interests you

Even if you’re talking about the dullest topics, you feel completely immersed in their voice. Every moment spent with them wholly absorbs you in their existence.

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When two people share a strong bond, they can talk about almost anything, and still find a way to stay interested in the topic at hand. Boredom is non-existential in such a loving arrangement.

No matter how many conversations you have with your partner, you are always left wanting for more.

You prioritise them over your favourite movie, quality time with friends and other things of interest.

In your life, they hold paramount importance, and you would rather spend 2 minutes with them than wasting long hours doing essential tasks.

 Physical contact makes you breathless

Whenever you touch each other, it feels as if you’ve both been hit by a lightning bolt. An immense transfer of spiritual and emotional energy occurs that makes you both feel euphoric.

This fantastic feeling makes you want to encapsulate each other in the impenetrable shell of love completely.

Profound spiritual understanding

You understand each other at a spiritual level. This profound spiritual knowledge is the result of your spiritual synchronicity.

When two people are spiritually aligned, they have intense physical as well as emotional attraction. Spiritual maturation at equal rates is the reason behind the generation of such a strong bond.

When they are at the same stages of their spiritual journeys, they can relate to each other, and share their deepest secrets.

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They can confide in each other and make each other fell at home.

Most of the people in our life burden us with their emotional baggage, but when you share a strong bond with someone, their emotions will liberate you instead of making you feel overstrained.

All these signs point towards just one thing, and that is “Intense attraction between two people. “