A higher vibration radiates positive vibes and turns us into antennae, which receive love and light from others around us, whereas, a low vibration diminishes our will to live and strips us of our happiness.

There are certain causes that stop the vibration of a being and make them susceptible to negativity.

We visualise blatant signs of low vibration every day but end up shunning them because of our deteriorating mental and spirituals states.

Here are signs of low vibration that you should identify and remedy as soon as possible to restore balance to your life.


Low vibration almost always heralds the imminence of illness into your life. And not just common sicknesses, such as nausea, but chronic diseases, the likes of which threaten your very existence.

Energy blockage might be the reason behind our decrepit state.

If that is the case, then you should immediately practice meditation and other healing techniques to restore the flow of chakra inside your body.

Prone to Injuries

Chakra imbalance is the major cause of a low vibration. It leads to clumsiness and lack of awareness.

Waning motor skills and decreased sensitivity might lead to injury. You might attribute these injuries to misfortune, but trust me; nothing in this world is without reason.

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Only when you are not one with the frequencies of the universe, you end up bringing bad things into your life.

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep regulates our frequencies. It synchronises us with the frequencies of the universe. A low vibration distorts its frequencies and disrupts its functioning.

People who often have trouble sleeping at night experience depression and anxiety because they are both sleep inhibitors.

They stunt an individual’s ability to have happy thoughts, which consequently lowers their vibration to the extent that they are unable to reach out to higher frequencies.

Debt and Financial Insecurity

A feeling of financial insecurity follows a low vibration. Our minds are fraught with negativity whenever we are in this state.

Instead of focusing on the now, we start to overthink about a future that makes us anxious and depressed. Also, lower vibrational beings often find themselves in debt.

They are almost always living in abject poverty because their frequencies are not attuned to that of the universe. Spiritual immaturity has a bruising impact on their will.

It alleviates their self-esteem and makes them believe that they are incapable of achieving anything good in their lives. They lack determination and the resolve to realise what’s rightly theirs.

Manipulative tendencies

Most people who have a low vibration tend to make the lives of others a living hell.

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They either turn into bullies or life-sapping friends that always take others for granted and selfishly use them for their own ulterior motives.

They think of everyone as a pawn, a dispensable asset that they can just discard or manipulate at will. To them, friends and family hold no importance.

They’re egotistical and prioritise themselves over everything else. That’s why whenever someone or something good comes in their lives; they often end up pushing it out.