Negative energy can build up anywhere. It’s common to come across negative energy when you’re out and about, but did you know that negative energy can build up in your own home?

The home is one of the places most prone to picking up bad energy as we bring our day home with us every evening.

If you want to know if you have negative energy in your home, look out for these signs:

1. Clutter Everywhere

Our homes reflect our lives, and when negative energy seeps into the house, we start to become less organised.

Stacks of dishes in the sink, books and DVDs left all over the place, even muck on the carpets from where the vacuuming hasn’t been done in ages– these all can all be signs of negative energy seeping into your life through your home.

The only way to deal with this type of negative energy is to declutter.

Just do the chores you’ve let slip by, and suddenly it will feel a lot easier to get other stuff done too!

2. Lingering Smells

You can sense bad energy by practising meditation and mastering your clair- senses. Or, as it turns out, you might have a nose for it!

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Negative energy in the home often manifests a lingering smell.

It’ll be something a bit like damp, but not quite. Not overpowering, but certainly not pleasant.

This negative energy can be cleansed like any other, but we recommend burning some sage or lemon incense.

3. Empty Cupboards

With negative energy build up in the home, you will gain more of that negative energy – often to the point where you fall behind with simple things like going shopping.

Constantly finding that you have run out of whatever you need at the time can be a sign that there is negative energy throwing you off your rhythm.

Try some green tea and some fresh air, then sit down in the kitchen and work out precisely what you need to do to get back on track.

Having a plan will give you an immediate antidote to the bad influence of negative energy.

4. Lots Of Arguments

Tension and heated arguments are a common sign of negative energy in the home.

It is also a leading cause. One person brings home a bunch of negative energy from their day and lets it loose on everyone else, amplifying it and absorbing it into the home.

You might want to air this one out. Take everyone on a day out over the weekend – it doesn’t have to be anything special, just to get away from the house.

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This one is important to deal with because negative energy causes arguments, and arguments cause negative energy, creating a vicious cycle.

5. Having Nightmares

Finally, your bedroom might be housing some negative energy if you are having frequent nightmares.

Try using a lavender spray or some herbal sleeping remedies to help keep you in a deeper sleep.

It will also help to meditate before bed, clearing the negative energy around you and removing any anxieties that still play on your mind.

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