Signs Of Reincarnation You Didn’t Know

If we are to understand reincarnation we will need to understand the nature of our mind, and that our body and mind are separate entities.

We are able to comprehend the presence of past and future lives, if we comprehend the character of our mind. Many believe that when our body dies, the mind ceases to exist, just like a candle flame going out.


In Buddhism it is said that our body is like a guest house and our mind is the guest who dwells in it. When we die, our mind goes to another life and leaves our body, just like a guest leaving a guest house and going someplace else.


Listed below are signs of reincarnation experiences.signs of reincarnation 2

Every night, you see the exact same dreams

Dreams really are a manifestation of the issues you experience in your lifetime. Are you experiencing odd dreams that occur over and over again in exactly the same way each time? Are the dreams of places and people representing a particular period in history? It could be an indication that the soul is remembering memories from a previous life.

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You have an incredibly strong intuition

Intuition comes from our ability to engage in the knowledge and wisdom that’s not available for us to articulate. Most often this wisdom comes from experiences you already had in another life. It’s stated the more we soulfully grow, the more we’re nearer to returning to the ‘source’ also known as nirvana, the more enlightened we become.


You have some unusual memories

There are many instances where young children had weird memories that later proved to be oddly very accurate. In fact, children are a lot closer to the crossing over point for a soul than adults, and they are often able to remember things from past lives easier. The more past life’s you had the more memories may manifest. However our mind can play tricks on us, so be careful not rush to judgment.

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That feeling of Déjà Vu

This happens at some point or another? Déjà Vu is that weird feeling that we lived or have experienced a moment in time before. Déjà Vu comes randomly; it’s mostly triggered by sounds, smells, sights, tastes and many other sensations. While some claim that déjà vu is a neurological dissonance, others uphold that Déjà Vu represents the probability of other dimensions (i.e. parallel universes), and some consider it’s revealing of past life experience.



You practically feel for others

As we mature our soul absorbs the emotion, in some cases we absorb the physical pains of others around us or directly feeling and experiencing what others may experience. Highly empathic individuals may have trouble being in a crowded space full of people. They usually feel the experiences of the people around them. It could be a sign your soul had many reincarnations and it’s meant to heal the world than the self.

Which of these have you experienced? Do you have any recollection of your past life? Share your experience with us.



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