Soulmates are real –however, it is also true that not everyone is able to recognize them right away. Many people have their soulmate in front of them, but they are unable to connect because of the diverse reasons.

When you bump into your soulmate, there are so many things that happen.  If you look around you may see the signs of a soulmate encounter, and that’s when you should not shy away from showing your true feelings.

Signs of a soulmate encounter are:

You Feel The Connection in a Glimpse:

That person seems special. It somehow seems odd, but you feel that there’s a string that’s pulling you towards them. You feel the unknown comfort and strong sense of familiarity. Energy sparks in you in their presence and you feel high.

Mutual Respect is There:

There’s always a mutual respect in a soulmate relationship. Both of you don’t want to change the other and respect each other’s choices. There’s an acceptance of the person with all the flaws and troubles. If there’s someone who tolerates you the way you are and you are doing the same thing, there’s a chance that you have found your soulmate.

Soulmate Are Like Best Friends:

Your soulmate could become your best friend or has all the qualities of a best friend. It means that their presence is comfortable, you can easily share your present and past, you don’t feel jealous of them, you want their good and so do they, there’s always lot’s of laughter, you are each other’s support, and the company feels great.

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The Future Seems Same

A happy soulmate relationship means there are shared end goals. You and your soulmate share the same future vision. It is this deep connection that brings souls together.

An Encouraging Partner

What you have done previously in your life does have an enormous impact on your future. However, your soulmate will not only accept your achievements but also motivate you to do better than that. They will encourage you to do your best.

They move you out from your comfort zone and ask you to do even more. A soulmate plays the part of a catalyst in life and allows personal development and growth with full support.

There’s a Fight

Nothing is perfect in the world, nor is the soulmate relationship. When you meet your soulmate, it doesn’t mean that everything will turn out fine eventually.  There are always hurdles in the way, but both of the soulmates want to overcome any obstacle to be together. There’s a fight from the world and problems, even from the inner self.

You Feel Their Pain

It is common that you feel each other’s pain. You know what their pain feels like and you become the most comfortable companion during their suffering. They also do the same for you.

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You Are Yourself

Even when there’s no romantic connection, their presence makes you who you are. You forget all the veils you wear in front of the world and feel free to be with them. There’s no pretending or any drama. You can show fully who you really are and how you feel about others.

In simple words, you can be yourself without hesitation, and you find them doing the same thing when they are with you.

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