Signs of spiritual elevation

Moments of intense grief marks spiritual elevation. Under these pressing conditions, your soul starts to elevate.

It starts to learn from the inevitable pain and begins to break the barriers of intolerance and move towards a state of unprecedented endurance. If you’re undergoing spiritual elevation, you’re sure to come across these signs.

Sadness completely consumes you

A wave of sadness has completely consumed you. You’re going through an incredibly rough time in your life, and it has entrapped your mind in a state of depression.

Even if your world is intact, you can’t bear the sight of someone else’s world collapsing at their feet. You have an unparalleled sense of compassion for the human race.

That is why you feel things on a deeper level. Your sentimentality is more evolved. The best way to tackle this overwhelming sadness is to accept the world as it is, and using your empathic tendencies for the greater good.

You have become socially isolated

You had a booming social life, but then everything changed. You started to move away from friends and family and opted to form companionship with isolation and loneliness because you finally realised that the world as you saw it was a deceiving illusion.

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You were able to see the reality of the world and progressed to an elevated level of the soul while others continued to live a life of normalcy and deception.

You no longer share the same connection with your friends, because you have to start to vibrate at an entirely different level. You are now moved by things that ordinary people find downright eccentric.

You quit your job to find your passion

You decide to leave your job because you no longer think that it can help you achieve your objectives in life. You don’t begrudge your decision.

You feel quite happy about searching for a newborn passion in life. When your soul is growing, this behaviour is a regular occurrence. You have finally realized that you are meant for other greater things in life.

Isolation and loneliness worry your family

Your decision of isolating yourself from the world worries your family. They think that you’re going crazy. But what they don’t understand is that you’re just undergoing a phase of spiritual growth.

While they continue their life on a spiritual plateau, you have outgrown them. That is why you’re not mentally or spiritually aligned with them anymore. That is why you no longer share the same profound bond as you did before.

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Everyone makes fun of you and your ways

Everyone launches derisive remarks at you. They label you as a freak. No one understands the stuff you’re interested in. You’re unique, and you don’t fit in any human setting. That is why everyone is unwilling to accept you.

They just don’t understand your ways and how your mind works, and what people fail to realize, they presume bad things about it.

These are sure signs of spiritual elevation, and if you see any of these symptoms, make sure that you try to understand their meaning, instead of sweeping them under the rug.

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