Whether we want to, we always share our energy and frequency with other beings. So what is the twin flame telepathic connection?

It is when we share the same soul frequency, allowing us to make a telepathic connection with our twin flame, which allows us to intuitively understand what the other is feeling, thinking or desiring.

Communicating with our twin flame is often the sense of wonder, as they are reading our mind, even know our most intimate thoughts.

This is only the starting point of the twin flame telepathic connection. Listed below are the seven most commons signs of telepathy between twin flames.

7 twin flame telepathic connection signs

Ability to know what the other is thinking or feeling.

Without even realizing you pick up occasional feelings and thoughts your twin flame partner may be having.

Even when you are not together you still know what the other may be doing or thinking.

Feelings and thoughts are shared.

Twin flames also express the same ideas and feelings with each other, both your minds are merging together as one.

You are about to express something but your twin flame beats you to it. At times this may frustrate you.

Mental telepathic communication is stimulating.

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You have the ability to talk to each other without the need to speak out loud. As telepathy is much faster, allowing your ideas to be known to each other, even from distance.

When you are able to sense each other’s energy from distance, this may allow you to form a deep connection with your twin.

See each other’s soul.

You both have an uncanny knack of delving into each other’s soul.

Although this happens with soulmates, but when you do grow close to your twin, this becomes a normal thing within the relationship.

Sharing dreams together.

Twin flames are able to share the same dream, even form a connection within the dream.

Tip: Keep a dream journal and write them down.

Having the same interests.

Since you are from the same soul, both of you will share similar interests.

You may both enjoy spiritual topics together or even have similar life ambitions together.

You both have the same flaws.

Another twin flame telepathic connection sign is you may have worked on improving your faults as you progress through the spiritual journey.

Now you notice the same fault in your twin flame who has yet to remove them. You can help and guide each other.twin flame telepathic connection 2

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If you are together with your twin flame physically, you will see these signs very quickly. They may express this to you that they were just thinking about you.

You are both here to treasure this incredible connection, because at times you may sense the pull when you are not around them, it could be years or just a few hours.

The love between twin flame is not logical, it won’t be anything you could explain to other people, These feelings have to experienced.

Concluding the twin flame telepathic connection

It’s very important for twin flame lovers to process on the conscious flow of cosmic love from our hearts, it is this energy flow from the heart chakra that binds our twin flame connection.

When we allow this wonderful telepathic energy to circulate through our lives and expressing the unconditional love for each other, then we are truly able to connect to ourselves and to Source itself.