Signs of twin flame telepathy start to show up as your relationship progresses and you gradually awaken.

The unlocking of these mind powers is usually the first time either of you accesses your psychic abilities so that it can be an excellent training ground for further development.


It is essential in and of itself, however. Your relationship relies on the development of these abilities to accelerate the ascension/union process.

The signs first start to show up right after you meet. At first, they will be barely noticeable, but soon after they will become undeniable.

They are most poignant during separation when it is the only way for you to communicate with each other regularly.

It is during this separation when most people start spotting the signs.

It is also the point in your relationship when these powers are most useful.


Twin Flames And Telepathy

There is a purpose behind your ability to communicate telepathically. The reason becomes most apparent during separation, but it is always there in the background.

Twin flames use telepathy to bring their energies closer together through the process of energy alignment.

Because you both have the same underlying soul blueprint, you are both aiming for the same ideal.

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However, the experience of living in the physical world changes your energies in ways that make you different from each other.

By exchanging energies in a near-constant stream, you are both able to move towards the soul blueprint underneath it all.

Of course, this isn’t the only use for these powers.

They can also help to develop a shared sense of each other.


Understanding a person’s inner thoughts is understanding them on a much deeper level, so you can use these powers to build a much deeper relationship than others might.

Other uses include physical intimacy at a distance, mental conversations, increasing chemistry, and developing your emotional connection.

Twin Souls Telepathy

The signs of twin souls telepathy are often subtle, but once you start noticing them, they will seem obvious.

You might be experiencing the awakening of your telepathic powers if:

  • You can hear each other’s thoughts. When you are together, words, ideas, and images seem to flow between your minds without anything to stop them.
  • You often talk without speaking. Words are unimportant when you already know what each other are thinking.
  • You have the same ideas at the same time. Thought processes are becoming shared, so you find yourselves reaching the same conclusion at the same time.
  • You know each other as you know yourselves. The little neuroses and quirks that you keep hidden from everyone don’t make it past your partner because they recognize them from their soul.
  • You share dreams. To begin with, both of you have similar dreams, but as you develop, you can start sharing the dreams properly.
  • You can’t keep secrets from each other. Even if you exercise control over your thoughts, you can’t hide that you are hiding something, so it eventually comes out.
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Have you spotted these signs? If you have, your next step could be to develop your telepathic powers with your twin flame through practice and meditation.

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