In this article, we explain the many signs of twin flames. Everyone wants to know who their twin soul is, but rarely do we know who they might be when we meet them. There are many characteristics and traits of a twin soul; there are many unusual symptoms and signs that indicate that you have met the one or already you are in a relationship with them.

One of the common signs is that there may be a powerful life changing events that may have happened when the meeting had taken place. Many disregard these events without even realising they had met the one and crossed paths not too long ago.

Here are the common signs that you have met or crossed path with your twin soul;

Signs Of Twin Flames

The first signs of the twin meeting would take place in the astral plane, yes dreams are a common meeting place.

Signs Of Twin Flames In Dreams

Visions and dreams are where the meeting takes place, or even the time when you first to get to know the one, their energy, etc. You may envision this particular person and feel you are destined to meet them one day. They are not just some stranger, in the dream, you are familiar with this character, a feeling that you have known this person all your life.

Astral dreams vanish when you meet them in the physical?

If you feel the astral dreams diminishing, then you may have already met them in the physical, this is also an indicator the person you have met is indeed your twin flame, the energy you have felt in the astral has manifested in the physical.


You may feel that you are familiar with your twin flame when you’re with them in the physical. You probably feel you have met the one or you are continuing from where you left off somewhere in the past. This feeling you have known them all your life can be unyielding. The connection of twin flame involves deep friendship; the bond can quickly develop into a great relationship.

Signs Of Twin Flames And Numbers

One of the common things you may notice is numbers popping up, the most common numbers are 11 and 33 or other dual or triple numbers. You may see them on clocks or everyday things like signs or when you are reading something. These numbers show up just before you were about to meet your twin flame.

Astrological Events

Many astrological events may occur around the time of meeting your twin flame or during the connection. When you compare birth charts, it may reveal some interesting events or astrological signs. The twin flame union is truly written in the universe.

Physical Distance

One of the hindrances that twin flames face is the physical distance, or there is an extended period of separation that may occur. There are many physical conditions which prevent twin souls from being together in the physical.  Apart from the physical distance, there may be partnership or marriages that prevent a romantic relationship between twin flames.

Signs Of Twin Flames Physical Union

When you do eventually unite with your twin flame in the physical, both of you will experience spiritual growth and spiritual awakening at an accelerated rate. The intense energy of your partner will feel comforting to you and exciting as well. You always wanted to be at home and hugging your twin soul can feel like a homecoming.

You can remember things from the past when you laugh and feel the excitement between you and your twin flame. Soul recognition will take place when you gaze into your twin flames eyes; it’s like looking right into their soul.

Soul Recognition From A Distance

Even from a distance, you can often pick up your twin flames emotional state and mind. Twin souls can pick up if their partner is not doing well or feeling ill, these senses are felt within their body.

The Very Best And Worst Of Each Other

You can feel spiritual bliss when things are going very well with your twin flame; the positive energy can accelerate to new heights. However, when you don’t get along with your twin flame things can get devastating and can feel like it’s going downhill.

Twin Flame Separation Pain

In a romantic relationship with a twin flame, physical separation can feel very painful, being apart can be tough. Even when you part ways that magnetic link will always draw you back together.

The twin flame energy is divine in nature; it’s very different for everyone and never can be the same. You will experience the twin soul union in your special way, even though it might feel unusual at times.

One of the signs of twin flames union is that you will just know deep inside you that this person is your twin flame. Trusting your intuition is the first step to meeting one’s twin flame, the twin flame energy will never make any sense in your physical mind, but intuitively you will just know.

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