We form many personal, emotional and spiritual connections throughout our life.

Most of these do not hold any particular significance.

They are just a normal part of a functional life and serve only to enrich the experience of living.

But there are a significant number of relationships and connections that we forge that hold more significance than the rest.

These spiritual connections are powerful things and, once formed, they like to remain strong.

So when the connection ceases to be nurtured and therefore weakens, we can experience some spiritual feedback in the energies of this relationship.

And as long as that connection still exists, we still have access to the other person’s feelings and emotions.

This transmission mechanism is most potent when the other person is thinking of us and having a strong emotional reaction – such as missing us.

But what are the signs that someone misses us?

Unexplained Emotions

We might experience unexplained emotions, particularly feelings of emptiness or solitude that do not match up with our experiences.

These feelings feel foreign – they may even feel like the energetic signature of someone we know.

If that is the case, then we might be tuning in to the energetic vibrations of someone missing us, transferred across the not yet waned spiritual connection.

They Appear In Dreams

When someone misses us, that is transferred across to the spiritual connection.

But when we are asleep, and we are dreaming, we can exist on the spiritual plane for a time where these transmissions are able to be manifested.

This might translate to us dreaming a lot about someone who misses us.

Generally, the more we dream of them, the more they are thinking about us, and if they are missing us these appearances will be accompanied by a feeling of loneliness or emptiness.

This can happen because spiritual messages are able to be correctly received without the constraints of the physical plane where our senses are continually dealing with physical stimuli.

This material stimulus is not present on the spiritual plane, so we are afforded a little more clarity in dreams.

We Experience Synchronicity

Lastly, we may experience periods of synchronicity. Someone who misses us may start turning up places where we are, without either of us knowing the other was going to be there.

This is the universe’s way of fostering connections, causing our spiritual connections to have qualities that mean we are magnetically attracted to each other.

This often means we subconsciously make decisions that suggest we are in proximity to the people with whom we share connections.

Our spirit guides know this and, when someone is missing us, they will endeavour to deliver that information in such a way that we are encouraged to put a spark back into that relationship if at all possible.

We might also encounter lots of things that remind us of that person. This is a sort of cosmic reminder of the importance of our spiritual connections.

So if we experience any of these signs, it may well be that someone is actively missing us.

We should, if at all possible, reach out and foster our waning relationships and connections.

After all, someone who is missing us so much that the universe decides to stick its oar in is probably important enough that we want them in our life.

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