Clairaudience is the instinctive capability of hearing clearly. From birth till death, you can develop this amazing ability at any time of life. A clairaudient person can hear the unheard. He or she can hear spirits. They know when the spirits talk directly or through the environment.

Many people know they are clairaudient and they are using their gift to the fullest. People whose abilities are opening up can hear ringing or pressure changes in the ear with no medical problem. Some people already have this gift, but they are unaware of it and neglect it by thinking that they imagine things.

8 Signs That Reveal You Are Clairaudient:

Some signs can prove you are clairaudient; if some of these signs are present in you then you should accept your gift with open mind and heart:

Hear Someone Saying Your Name or Any other Sound:

Do you hear your name when you are alone? It could be a soft voice or a loud call. Also, you can hear other sounds like music or voices that others are unable to hear. You are sure that you heard something, but others don’t believe because they fail to hear what you can. Sometimes it feels like your neighbours are listening to the radio at very high volume and you are catching the buzz only.

Quiet Times are Preferred:

As you are highly sensitive and able to perceive lowest sounds, you need quiet times more often. Party sounds or loud TV makes you uneasy.

There’s Always a Mental Conversation:

Your mind speaks to you the whole day no matter what you are doing. You talk to yourself all the time. There’s always a conversation going on in your head.

Joy Leads to Creativity:

Whenever you are happy, you imagination increases too many folds. Your creativity is connected to the high energy of your soul. When your mind is at ease, you always get inspirational ideas. That’s why bath times are highly creative for you.

Imaginary Friends Are Real

As a child, did you have imaginary friends that felt so real? Do they apparently talk to you in the head? Do you still remember some of your conversations? If the answer is yes, then you have this gift for sure. The voices you had in your mind could be the spirits.

Music Feels Related:

It is said that music is the food of the soul. Whenever you hear music, you feel somehow you are connected. If you are moved by music that means you are surely clairaudient.

Listening is Your Mode of Learning

You like to hear more than any other thing. Instead of reading the book, you want its audible version. Hearing things make you learn faster than any other mode of learning.

People Know You as Perfect Advisor:

You are great at giving advice. You know things in your mind. Words come out from your mouth automatically. Without your knowing, your connection with the spirits is making your wiser. That’s why most of the clairaudient people are counsellors, therapists, coaches, nurses, and other similar professions.

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