Spiritual enlightenment is a period of immense spiritual growth. It develops in us a profound understanding of the universe and our higher self.

It is a richly complex phenomenon that transports us to a sacred world of spirituality.

Everyone undergoes different experiences during spiritual enlightenment, but intense grief mostly marks it.

The underlying reason behind this wallowing sorrow is disillusionment from old briefs, lifestyles, and other perceptions. Embracing the bitter reality takes a lot out of you.

The truth can transform our mindsets. It holds the power that brings peace to our souls. The deceptions forged by this illusionary society that we live in only serve to entangle us in a web of lies.

Spiritual enlightenment has many symptoms and signs. Some of them are as follows

Revisiting the past

During spiritual enlightenment, you might experience flashbacks and recollections of past life memories.

We revisit the past to heal specific experiences that have left a bad mark on our lives. Emotional traumas in our childhood and adolescence may have caused us to become distrustful and apathetic.

To make room for love and understanding, we must first exorcise gloom and death from our minds.

That is the only way we can develop healthy relationships, free from envy, and haunting memories of the past.

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Breaking the shackles of fear

We have always lived in fear. This concern has stopped us from seizing the moment. It has prevented us from plunging intrepidly into unknown territories.

It has trapped us in a spiritual plateau. Now that we are going through spiritual enlightenment, we finally realize that. We feel an instant urge to take the helm and try out new things.

We want to challenge our mental boundaries to grow and broaden our horizons. We have an innate desire to uproot that parochial mindset that has made our souls dull and dreary.

Getting rid of dysfunctional relationships

Many people feel bound by dysfunctional relationships. They lack the mental fortitude to cut the cord between them and their abusive relationship.

They say that that love is worth fighting for, but they don’t understand the true meaning of love. Spiritual enlightenment makes them realize that love is reassuring and healing.

It’s not meant to destroy you and hamper your spiritual growth. Once you understand that, you no longer hesitate to cut ties with lovers who have manipulative tendencies.

You no longer feel as if you deserve less.

Pursuing true happiness

Most people in this world take everything for granted. Their hedonistic lifestyles veer them away from happiness. They have everything — wealth, fame, glory, and yet they have nothing.

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They feel unfulfilled and mentally distraught. Spiritually, they lack in many aspects.

But when spiritual enlightenment comes knocking on their door, they undergo a massive lifestyle transformation.

They quit careers, pursue new adventures, help humanity, and feel responsible for every living soul on the planet.