There are many signs you have a deep connection with someone. It’s wonderful to find someone you 100% connect with on a spiritual level, someone you share a deep connection with essentially.

People think it’s hard to find the One; and honestly, it is, but for some people, the one just stumbles along luckily, and they don’t have to go on dates anymore to find that deep connection with someone.

Meeting them is like finding out they fit a space inside you that you never knew even existed.

Signs you have A Deep Connection with Someone

It’s hard to understand if you’ve met someone and if they’re the One.

Many relationships can feel like they’re soul connections but don’t go any deeper than that, and if you meet that person, the signs would have been there since the start.

Physical and Emotional Intimacy

Honestly, when you find that deep connection with someone, you never want to let them go; you want to always want them near you.  Sometimes you might end up holding hands and it’s not awkward.

All of these things strengthen the bond you have with your partner, and it feels incredible to be close together after a long day apart.

A long Term Commitment

If you’re the kind of person afraid of commitment and you cut things off the moment things get serious or after some months of dating; this will have changed when you meet the person you have a deep connection with.

You’re not there with this person to pass the time; you want it to be with them forever.

You’re finally content and you know you can be happy with that person, you even think about how life would be with them in the future. You can’t imagine of a life without them in it.

No Reason or Logic Required to Validate your Relationship

You don’t need any signs or someone to tell you if you absolutely met your soul mate because deep inside you knew from the first day you met them. You bonded in the first instant; it can almost be like magic.

Shared Interests

Your opinions and interests are the same, and even if they aren’t, it feels amazing just talking to them about anything under the sun.

You communicate with them in a way you don’t interact with others. And even if it’s nothing romantic, you still know they’re going to be in your life forever.


You become so much better when you’re with them; you become the best version of yourself; you could become positive or stronger or more confident.

And you bring out the best in your soul mate, too, it’s not just something that applies to one person in a relationship.

Being together, you become unstoppable, and a beacon of happiness and positivity for other people around you. Your flaws become much more manageable because you’re both together.

When you finally find that deep connection with someone, it doesn’t have to be all fluff and angst; you really become the person you were always meant to be by meeting them and having them in your life.

Any storms that come in your life seem much easier to handle because you have someone by your side to face them with.

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