What are the signs you have met your twin soul? A twin soul connection is not like a soul mate, we can have many soul mates, a twin soul connection is unique and profound and there is only one twin soul.

It has been written that our soul is divided into two, so Source can experience duality and mortality on earth. Since Source does not have an equal, dividing itself into two was necessary, eventually, the two would meet and unite again.


Whether you experience a twin soul connection or not, it does not mean you are not complete, Soul and Source are always complete, it’s just our human self senses the incompleteness. It’s crucial for one to be complete from within.

There are many signs you have met your twin soul, I am going to list the most important ones, let’s dive into those shall we?

Signs You Have Met Your Twin Soul

Acceleration Of Personal Development

When twin souls do meet, the instant connection and spark are usually followed closely by a prompt development of personal evolution for both twin souls as a whole and individually.

Twin souls are mirrors, reflecting aspects of the self which are deep and significant when twin souls meet the energy between them will uncover gifts from within, a true twin soul connection has a purpose to teach or heal the world.

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Twin Souls Are Eternal, You And I Are Old Friends

Whenever you meet your twin soul, the connection will be unlike anything you have experienced before, although the intensity of this connection is different there is still a familiarity about it, it feels beautiful in your soul to have this connection again.


You instantly feel oneness with this person and the love you feel is vast. You feel you have known this soul for infinity.

Runner And Chaser Chaos

Twin soul connection is not for the fainthearted, many don’t want it and they run from it. Could it be they are not ready?

This type of relationship can either be great with incredible love or it can crash and burn. Things don’t go well when twin souls have yet to ascend into higher spiritual vibrations, they are not willing to let go of old beliefs and habits.


Sex Is On A Different Level

Becuase the soul level connection is intense, sexual experience is unlike anything you have experienced before.

Twin soul sexual experience may go beyond the physical, for example, astral sex. The astral sex experienced is intense, like the feeling of one’s spirit is merging with the other, astral sex can take place with or without physical intercourse.

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Although sexual intercourse is personal, a time for merging, however with twin soul there are other attributes where by looking into each other’s eyes can reveal other places in space and time, either past or future.

Your twin soul experience might be different and the relationship can have numerous outcomes depending on your life path. These are the main traits of the astonishing twin soul connection.