All humans are on an epic escapade to find their fated soul-mate. True love doesn’t come easy. You have to undergo harrowing ordeals, to get a slight taste of this delicious delight.

However, specific signs can herald the imminence of your soul-mate.

String of failed relationships

Do you feel as if your relationships are all ending in complete disaster? Anyone new you meet and connect with doesn’t seem to understand your perspective.

This lack of understanding sways you away from them. You’d rather be isolated than waste your love on another soul.

This kind of behaviour shows that your higher-self has realised that the time to expend spiritual energies on ill-fated lovers is a huge mistake.

Now, your spiritual realms are readying you for your soul mate, a person who connects with you on a spiritual and psychological level ― person whose love is assuring and pacifying rather than condescending and degrading.

When you finally realise that there is no longer space for abusive relationships in your life you kick-start your journey towards your soul-mate.

The arrival of a Soul-mate imitator

A soul-mate imitator who makes you feel like cloud-nine all the time may come along before your meeting with your true soul-mate.

In the beginning, the time spent with this copycat might feel all joyful and uplifting, but as time passes by, you will realise that this was all just an illusion, and you fell right into the trap.

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Such a person will shatter your conviction in true love, and make you feel completely alone when he/she leaves.

This is a real test of your character, and if you manage to keep your trust and love intact, you will be able to enjoy a long-lasting relationship with your soul-mate that is just a heartbeat away from your existence.

Déjà vu experiences

We experience Déjà vu before meeting our soul-mate. We stumble across specific settings and environments that make us recount our past.

They befuddle us with their familiar details. We feel as if we’ve been in this place or have met this person before. Such haphazard Déjà vu experiences may spell the arrival of a soul-mate.

The universe tries to connect us with our soul-mate through these spiritual links. It’s perplexing, but we can’t deny that the universe has its mysterious ways of making thing happen.

We spend our whole lives in a cerebral and physical pursuit of our beloved.

The search of our soul-mate drains us out. At times, we feel exhausted and forlorn. We lose the persistence and the perseverance to search for our one true love.

We mainly feel this more than ever when our soul-mate is nearby. Our internal engine completely slows down.

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Our intuition makes us feel exhausted and tired because it knows that our soul-mate is nearby, and extravagant indulgence is unnecessary at this point.

All these signs are the harbingers of true love. Whenever you experience these symptoms, don’t just ignore them.

Prepare yourself for your soul mate because such opportunities don’t knock on your day every day.