Signs your twin flame loves you: Twin flames are our energetic mirrors. They vibrate with the same energy as we do. That’s why we feel a sense of familiarity with them. They are our perfect complements.

We resemble them in every sense of the word. Our thoughts believe, values and even our morality are somewhat analogous to theirs.

Finding your twin flame, in a world full of broken hearts and tattered souls, is truly liberating.

However, twin flames have to bear the brunt of their emotional conflicts before they can find peace and harmony in each other’s presence.

This rocky phase of the relationships creates disbelief in our minds. We start questioning the validity of our flame’s love.

Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

This air of scepticism holds in it the capability to destroy this fated union. That is why we have compiled a list of “signs your twin flame loves you” to help you eliminate distrust from your mind.

Telepathic connection

Your twin flames can easily tap into your thoughts and rewire your mind. They are a source of relief in times of intense agony.

You consider them your home, your safe place. Whenever you feel emotionally insecure, you take refuge in their loving embrace, and everything goes back to normal.

They have the ability to make you or break you. They can perceive what you’re thinking. You don’t have to lay out your thoughts on a plate for them.

They just know if you’re going through a bout of depression or sulking in anger. No matter, how much you try to hide it; it just becomes more revealing to them.

Magnetically drawn

You feel magnetically attracted towards them, even when oceans separate the two of you. A stabbing feeling of nostalgia prods your insides in their absence.

This restlessness does not leave you until you hear their voice or sense their touch. The world fades to black.

You fail to do anything by heart, whether it is a job or menial house chores. And when you finally reunite them, you don’t ever want to leave them again in your life.

You want to anchor your soul to theirs and stay like that forever.

Silence is seductive

Twin flames don’t feel the need to seduce us with their touch or their gaze. Their mere presence is enough to do the job. Every day with them is spent indulging in fiery romance.

Déjà vu

Even though, you’re unable to trace the source of the familiarity that exists between you and your twin flame, deep down you’re completely sure you’ve met them in another life.

That’s why you find it quite easy to confide in them. There’s no awkwardness between the both of you.

You cherish their company and make plans for the future with them. In your mind, you know that they are the person you’re meant to spend an eternity with. No one can ever replace them.